Saturday, August 28, 2004


Yes, t'is a sad night.....

Mikey man has gone and flown off to England for 5 weeks.
Hmmmmmmmm... does this mean sleep?

Actually, he seems convinced that I will replace him with someone else by the time he gets back. I can't help but wonder why? Is it that he believes he's replaceable, or that he wants to be replaced?

Talked to Mum this morning. She had been up looking after Nana for a few days, so got to finally hear how she is doing. Doesn't sound all rosey, which isn't what i wanted to hear. She's finished her treatment, and has just started to loose her hair, as well as being exhausted, she's been pretty grumpy. My poor cousin who has been looking after her finds that part tough - only because this isn't a side any of us have ever really seen in her. She's always been the docile, small nana, who doesn't get mad.... although she will tell you, that when she's mad, you really know about it - much like with Dad. I just don't know that I want to see that. Mum's not sure that she's going to get better at all, before she gets worse, which is never something you want to hear. Seems the treatment may just delay it all for abit, but is it worth it? The side effects are so terrible.

Seems that the company will be flying me North - so will have at least a weekend up there with her soon. (more interviews... all going to plan)

Right.... itching like mad, so better take pills, and sleep.


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