Wednesday, January 23, 2008



Just downing my coffee in quick gulps before I run out the door.
Still not feeling terribly awake. :)

I applied for a job yesterday.

I'm scared. Not so much that I have to go through the job interview process, but that God may want me here, while deep down I'm aching to get out of here.

Or is it that I can't figure out what my purpose is here.

Am I still meant to be sitting in a waiting room? The one that my life feels like.

I've never been one to sit around waiting. I'm trying to stay busy, but my life feels a tad empty, and I think a result of this had been my disinterest in pursuing my relationship with Christ.

I know, not something I admit easily. Not something I want to be true - but right now, I know that pride and hurt are there between God and myself, and in order for me to get "right" I need to get that out of the way.

In a strange way, I want to make myself accountable to you guys. Not because it's easier to be accountable to people who are not around.... but because I know that there are so many faithful people out there who will pray for me, and encourage me.
I'm telling my brother and sister in law too when I catch up with them at our next bible study, so I will be accountable to people here as well.

Thanks so much for being there.

"Difficulties exist to be surmounted."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The long awaited photos...

Yes... finally, photos of the spare room.

Everyone who has stayed so far has been very happy and comfortable. :)

So - anyone who needs some time away in a sleepy little country town, sheep in the backyard and fresh tomatoes - you know there is always somewhere to rest your head.

The plastering - finally finished!


Mission.... almost accomplished!


So the latest of my missions has been the shower!

It had been leaking behind the wonderfully ugly aqua board, and so I wanted to rip it all out and see just what kind of damage had been done over the years, then replace it with tiles.

I am so blessed to have a very patient and able dad who came round to help me once I'd got most of the board off the walls and the fun of cutting out the cement board began. Certainly one of those moments where two hands were just not going to cut it. It took us a couple of afternoons to get it all up and ready for me to learn to tile.
I'd been given a few wise words from a friend and dad seemed to think I'd manage this part just fine. I managed to get all the tiles on the walls which didn't need to be cut to size in a day - cement everywhere. I decided pretty quickly that I was going to have to buy a tile cutter and after doing some research online with another friend sending me youtube links on how to cut holes I knew what I needed. :)
The next day I got everything else done - minus two tiles where will go around the bath taps which I haven't got yet.

Soooo... here you go. The finished product. I'm very happy with this as my first effort. Certainly way easier than plastering!

Friday, January 04, 2008

blast from the past.....

I was going through a bunch of paper work the other day, and I found this letter that my Grandmother wrote to her Mother back in 1946 while she was living in India during the war.

Thought I would share some of it on here.

St Dunstan's,

Darling Mummy,

I am sorry it is such a long time since I last wrote but I hope this letter will more than make up for the gap! I have a very big item of news which I hope won't shake you too much, and that is that Richard and I are engaged. Oh, I am so happy Mummy, and I just wish you were here to talk it all over with, I have so much to tell you and am finding it so difficult to put all my thoughts on paper. He is the most wonderful person and we were just made for each other. I don't know hos much I have told you about him before but you will remember that he stayed with us for a month at Christmas when we got on tremendously well and grew very fond of each other, since then he has been back on the Frontier and we have written constantly and got to know each other very well. He put in for 28 days leave for July and has just left here after four glorious weeks, the happiest weeks of my life I think.

It's quite a sweet letter.
My Grandmother was over there with her Father; Sir Clutha MacKenzie, who traveled around the world helping blind soldiers, after he himself was blinded at Gallipoli. She was pretty much his guide, and was working in the office at St Dunstan's a home used for the rehabilitation of the blinded service personnel of the Armed Forces.

She traveled all around Asia with him, and lived quite the adventuress life - though I know so little about it. We have a lot of old photos that are taken of them treking through Nepal, which must have been an experience.

Obviously the adventuress spirit has been embedded in my genes, and I have much to live up to!