Friday, October 30, 2009


Again.... another month.


I can't believe my trip to Australia was already over a month ago now. While I say that.... so much has happened since then.

My camera broke while I was in Oz, which caused some heart flutters. Th
ankfully I've just got it back from the repair agent, which is super exciting. :) Of course, over a month without a camera is quite something.
To celebrate I bought a macbook pro. Actually, I need to start calling it an investment into ME.

I've just scored the job of wedding photographer at my second wedding which is in December, and since I moved and sold my old PC, all I had was my work laptop, which really wasn't got to cut it for editing photos.

In breezed the beautiful mac.

I've hardly had a chance to sit down and play with it, so still getting my head around things. But so far, so good.

To celebrate - the photos are of Theo who came out to keep me company while I got a horse ready for a show the other night.

Theo and Rhapsody..... sharing the love.