Thursday, December 30, 2004

now comes a time

The joys of being at home, and not having that easy, instant access to the computer.....
it's enough to drive you mad, but at the same time.... quite refreshing too. That's not to say that I don't miss everyone out there, by any means!
It's just easier not to try - because anytime I do sit down and write an email, the computer refuses to send it, and the frustration levels rise hugely!
It's moments like that, I realise, no matter how easy going I think I am.... I'm not!

So, Tab - I'm sorry.... yours ended up in the big ol' yonder..... will have to catch up when I get home. Whenever that is.

I think I have a car..... wohooooooo!!!!
So, just about to book a ferry crossing.... which is all fun and games. Wondering if Shane would want to come down to the beloved South Island earlier than the 10th, but also wondering if we'd kill eachother on the open road?!
We shall see.... funny way to officially meet a person, since it didn't happen as he drove through Cambridge.... mad rush to get down to Taupo. Guess then was not the time.

I picked up the paint brush a couple of days ago - though it was nothing drastic... just the verandah which needed a new coat of white... of course, seems that night some cat decided to walk along it - leaving his mark... typical. Today.... pouring with rain, and I got the living room ready to paint yesterday, so today may be the perfect day. Dad wants me to do the bathroom edging, and their bedroom too. Easy peasy. :)

We still need to get horses ready for the show.... gave Oklahoma a bath the other day, and had her looking beautiful... as well as Felicity - but neither of these ones are going to the show. lol.
Gottta bring the foals in, and do some leading.... but it's just too miserable today.

Might need to go catch a movie this afternoon..... perefct weather for that.

Righty ho....

Off I go... to see what damage I can do.

Be well

Sunday, December 26, 2004

a very merry

So, while the rest of the world is celebrating Christmas, I'm sitting here in boxing day. Nice the way that happens so beautifully. :)

Had a fantastic day here. It's been great being up on the farm. I'm still super tired, but used to it... and just taking the time to relax. Believe it or not, I haven't picked up a paint brush yet - and somehow feel full avoidance will come into play. Bad, huh. We'll see. By tomorrow I may be fully ready to start painting? Won't tell my parents that just yet though.

I'm not going to bore you with mundane details of the big day here - except to say that the sun shone, and the golf tournament went down without a hitch... and, well.... it would see that anytime I come home for Christmas... I win it! :) hahahaha.... and yes, the course changes every time, and no, I didn't even have a trial run on the course before the day. My partner in crime was quite chuffed, as was I.

Seriously.... just fun hanging out with the family. Totally awesome bunch of people... and would seem that, while Tess and Tamati will have their Baby in June, Catherine gets married to Frode in Jan, and Emily looks set to be the next to add to the family.... more wedding bells. hahaha

We have warned Sam that this is as we are, and nothing will change - we are becoming madder with each addition, but I must say - we are so blessed!!

Righty ho....

Hoping that everyone is having a super festive time...... be super blessed!

Love, CJ

Monday, December 20, 2004

pressies galour.....

Just finished having our house Christmas....
Presents everywhere.... really!

Had a lovely dinner.... Jiljane was in charge of cooking the feast, and even made the requested Chocolate mousse... am I spoilt, or what?!

Was a lovely night. I'm completely zonked now though, and it's not actually even late.

Jiljane gave me a book, which I've been wanting to get for ages.... yay. So, just about to go and curl up in bed and read the night away.

Managed to get up early today....woweeeee... and made it into work early, which was pretty impressive. BUT, I guess thats what stress will do to you.
I got to work, didn't even sit in my office before I dashed off to the other warehouse to get back onto the packing. Madness.... I had booked transrail to come and pick up all the pallets and have them delivered on today back on Thursday - doing my best to be ultra organised....
Anyway - they were supposed to be picking them up around 1:30. 2:30 comes and I'm wondering where they've gotten to? So... call them up, and ask what's going on. It actually came as no surprise when they told me that they didn't have any record of the booking.
It's like everything that we've been doing this month - we've had orders go missing, suppliers be out of stock of half of the things that we've needed, shipments just not arrive from Australia...
It's honestly now just a comedy of events.
If I didn't laugh I would cry. So, when they told me this, while being frustrated, I'm beyond blowing up.... just go through the motions that it needs to be delivered that day, that I'm not impressed, or thrilled with their lack of organisation, and that I would appreciate if they would get over there to pick up the things. That's it.
In the end... several phone calls later, they finally get someone there after 5. I'm busy wondering if anyone will actually even be at the other end to take the stuff off of the truck? Dramas!
Still.... made it through the day, and I'm just relieved!

So... the next two days will be filled with just finishing some little orders, and getting paper work all done. I've got a pile of invoices which need to be done, and other silly little things that have been pilling up on my desk, floor, shelves. My office is a MESS!
I sat down at my desk, and actually had no space to put anything down. Mad, really.
So.... tomorrow morning can be spend tidying up, and just getting organised. I don't enjoy things being quite that bad. :)

Oh - sent off all the Christmas pressies today. So, should be waiting for me when I get home. YAY!
Need to tell mum that she's not allowed to open it up! I didn't wrap a couple of the presents, cause I wanted to add a few things once I was up there. Still - good to know that they are on there way, and I don't need to worry about trying to pack everything. Had a bottle of port, that I hope will survive the journey alright. hahaha... otherwise, disaster will be waiting for me.

Right... I'm honestly just babbling.

So, shall shut it now, and go crawl into bed.

Goodnight all.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

saying goodbye

So.... as it rained yesterday morning..... I jumped in Betty for the last time - praying that she would make it down the road.... getting us safely to the car wreckers.... and then it would be goodbye.
I was actually ready to get rid of her - after walking to work for that week.... and getting over the whole - arhg, inconvenience of it all. :)
It's still quite sad to think about now..... all the adventures taken.... crazy talks that happened, and just the people that I've been able to take places.
I guess that was a big thing for me.... I was always so thankful that I could do that for people.... Christchurch is so small - that taking anyone anywhere was never that big a deal.

Before taking her I did my best to peel off a couple of the stickers that I had stuck on her.... it was part of her identity. When I talked to a friend last night, telling her Betty had gone - she just said, you could always spot Betty around the city because of her stickers....

So... I'm slowly getting rid of the things in my cluttered life. hahaha. I don't think I intentionally would have got rid of the car, at least not just yet... but it has spurred on some more evaluations as to the life I'm living right now. The whole "NEEDS vr's WANTS". Not only that, but just looking at what I already have.
While we were doing our "Spring clean" last weekend, I was going through all the kitchen cupboards, and realising that between three of us - we have anough for a whole nother kitchen... my suggestion - put together a box of things that we can loan out to people who have just moved over from somewhere.... who might have stuff coming from overseas, and just need something to tide them over. The boxes are growing as we find doubles/tripples of everything. It's very cool. So, I need to go through it all, and just box it and stash it for when someone needs it. We've often lent stuff out to people... this way we're a little more ready for it.
Have to sit back and go.... we really are so blessed!!!

Look at the things we have, rather than be so focused on what i want next.

What the world teaches us, huh!

Righty ho.... have just been playing around with the Shawn McDonald poster... so need to go and get it printed today. :) YAY.... I'm getting excited about it all again.

Oh - and we're having Christmas tomorrow night in the girly flat. Should be a blast.

Bring on thursday morning, when I get to fly home......


Friday, December 17, 2004

It's raining, it's pouring....

And somewhere..... perhaps a man is snoring??

Who knows.

Shortly, I'm sure it will be though.

This week seems to have vanished.... I could do with an extra day to get things done, though I'm so relieved that it's Friday! Funny how that works. This weekend will fly by too, I guess. Have much to get done. Presents to buy, baking to do for Christmas, and Poor Betty will be parted with as well. SO SAD.

My flatmate asked me what time the funeral was. I haven't even rung any of the wreckers to find out if they would like her? I'm sure it won't be a problem. lol Who wouldn't want my beautiful beast?

I'm actually going to have to get a picture of her before she goes.

Jacx isn't even here to pick up the pieces. JJ is going to come with me though.... she can hold my hand.

Sorry - thoughts flying everywhere right now. Can't really think straight, and not quite tired enough to go to bed... humph.

Guess I'll have to go and curl up with a book.

Figure out tomorrow.........

Thought for the day:

"It takes a long time to become young." Pablo Picasso


Sunday, December 12, 2004


I'm at home.... all alone, and just relishing in that.

Loads of laundry getting done, and I'm just praying the rain can stay away for another hour while it all dries.

Music blaring in the living room... and I was thinking, wouldn't it be amazing if the people next door were listening to the lyrics, wouldn't they be curious. Expleetives reeling from that side. Mike would laugh cause I just can't inforce my swear jar on them!

The words right now.... wherever you are, wherever you've been, he's been there... so let his people sing......

Something to think about.... that it's wonderful being exactly where we are right now. To not worry about what may happen next, how things will work out, but to just keep praising our awesome God.

OK..... so I alluded to a rather strange thing I heard.... which of course is odd, cause elaboration has not happened as yet.

"Isn't it obvious!?"

I was praying the other night, after getting off the phone from a friend. Someone I don't know terribly well, but enjoy yaking to, and would like to know better.
We often talk about our passions, and what we would like to be doing.... what we feel called to be doing, and just how we're going to get there.
We'd just talked about the idea of starting up a business together, which was bizzare in itself.... but something I've wondered about for a while.

Maybe I should back up here.... There have been so many coincidences with this whole relationship from the start. Little surprises that have had me stop and go wow. I know that God has been having fun sitting back, and just letting it all unfold, slowly....

Anyway.... after this last conversation, I just sat back and prayed... asking that God would reveal what it was that I was supposed to be pursuing with this person. Should we get serious about this business idea? Was there something else?
As I was sitting there I just heard " isn't it obvious?" It was so clearly spoken. I was just like. HUH? Isn't WHAT obvious?

I have zero idea.... but am realising that there is a much bigger plan, and that I need to keep walking down the path that I'm obviously on, and just keep asking questions.
It is pretty funny though.....

God's witt strikes!

I'm off to go wrap up Christmas presents. (Reminder.... 12 days to go! wohooo)

Wise words - from the mighty Einstein himself:

"Great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."

Saturday, December 11, 2004

the car....

I forgot about the car story....

though was reminded, gently the other day.... silly me.

My poor car.... betty the brown bomb is dying. yes, it's official now. On that fateful Friday, where I was running around doing all those last minute Bridesmaids duties.... picking up the other bridesmaids, running through speeches, picking up rings, food for the next day, everything that has to be finished that day......
somewhere between my house and the grocery store, the car starts spluttering.... to describe it to the mechanic, she had a severe case of the hiccups ..... the mechanic responded with... ahhh, she's got kangaroo juice!

Anyway... I managed to get her to the garage, and leave her in their capable hands... before getting a call to tell me that, ummmmm... she's not worth fixing! Poor Jacx, who was with me at the time just gave me a huge hug, and we both laughed, as I had tears streaming down my face... this is the second car she's had to see me loose.


I get to the garage with Jacx, and the guy tells me that she'll "last a while" with what they've done, so I tell Jacx I'll be fine, and I'll just see her later tonight, after I've done all the running around. The car barely makes it home!

Needless to say I was frantic, and somewhat beside myself. I had so much to get done, and had to be all over the place, and now no car to do it in. So... the answer in any situation like that one... to lie down, have a good cry, and then, just keep going.
I had my flatmate take me to pick up one of the other bridesmaids, drop us both off at Jacx place so I could pinch her car, and go and pick up the others, and all the stuff we needed. It was madness - but we made it!

Soooooo.... the car did manage to start the next day, and I bunny hopped around the block a few times, before actually going anywhere... but this is the end of the line for the beloved little car.
Not quite sure what will happen now? Buying a new car isn't an option right now... still need to get plane tickets sorted out for next year, and that's going to come first....
So.... delivering stock to clients is out, and getting up earlier to walk to work is in... and I don't mind that... I mean, I hate the fact that doing my job just became harder, but since they aren't interested in paying me a decent wage, I'm not about to take on that added responsibility.

Tune in next time when we hear the pig say.......

(Best imagination required here.... Miss piggy standing in a gorgeous little sequined number, heels flying in the air..... with that famous karate kick..... " Hiiiii Yaaaaaaaaa" )

Friday, December 10, 2004


I was sitting in my little office today, thinking about going to see a movie tonight..... liking the idea after such a long week - sitting back in the dark, no phones to answer, people to ask me funny questions......
And there are so many movies on at the moment that I've wanted to see.....
BUT - do you think I could find anyone who wasn't busy, or married to come to the movies with me at such late notice?
What was I thinking?? lol

So, I sat there.... and felt kind of alone in the world. hahaha
It was short lived, because this was of course all taking place in my office, and I get all of 2 minutes max without some kind of interuption. (fleeting thoughts are mastered here!)

Anyway... I got home around 8, and after sitting down, thinking about dinner... which just didn't happen.... I jumped up and went to see the movie.
So glad I did. Funny how I'd forgotten how much I do like going to see movies on my own. Sat and absorbed it all up.... there were a few teary moments, but nothing drastic, and it was just nice.

on that note..... been told I need to call my lost flatmate in Australia.... so better get to it, before I fall asleep at the keyboard.

I'm puzzling over something I heard......

"Isn't it obvious" just to remind me that I need to get onto that. :) Bizzare, huh!

be well.

Thursday, December 09, 2004


yes, fairly random thoughts during the busy, and somewhat madening Christmas rush AKA Silly Season!
Fear there are even high chances of me finding myself stranded inside the store room come Saturday, just so I can find the zillion orders that are floating around for a couple of big orders, because I just can't face it during the week, and I'm being 'helped' by the store room guys - who like to pile everything up so high, and so damn badly that in actual fact, not only do I not know what is over there, but I can't get to it without climbing over boxes and pallets of STUFF! I've pretty much given up on it all for the moment, praying that I'm not going to get a phone call from Barry to say he wants the first part of the order NOW. That, and I still haven't solved the whole white procelain deal! hahahahaha......
and while I'm slogging through 10-11 hour days, I can sit here and smile.
I do still love my job!

So... catching up?

Jacx wedding on Saturday..... wish I had some pics I could drop on here... Jill is just trying to send me a couple that she took at the wedding. I don't really want to see us being silly at the reception.

It was a gorgeous day!! Jacx looked absolutely stunning..... huge smiles! Meanwhile.... as I walked up the isle I had Jimbo trying to make funny, sly faces without being outrageously obvious, and Maxi trying to figure out if he was going to cry - only to see my tears, and decide, actually - CJ is crying enough for both of us! hahaha. Yes... I couldn't help it.... Shane started crying, and that just set me off for good. Any pics will have me glistening with tears. Good thing Jacx knows me well, and knew to expect it from me.
Photos were fun and funny all at the same time.
we headed down to Sammys Jazz Review, which was fantastic... cool little courtyard and Sam turned up with Jo, which was very cool. I think it got Jo a little more excited about their up and coming wedding.... she laughed at the silly antics, and singing that went on with us. I'm looking forward to their wedding.... and the reception at Sammy's should be very cool. Great place to have it - and just be able to dance away the night - though I haven't asked them if they are actually having jazz, or not?

From there we did a drive through at BK.... hahaha. was driving Shane's car out to the reception with all the bridesmaids, and we were STARVING! So... it was demanded that we make the stop. Nothing like a bunch of well dressed girls eating burgers, and trying ever so hard not to get ketchup all over their dresses!

The night was all good.... Jimbo and I managed to do the first dance without too many toe stepping moments.... he's just such a sweetie. :)
It poured down with rain for most of the night.... making it all warm and cosy for us inside.... so, to jacx joy - we danced the night away!

Still recovering from it all.... lack of sleep... and just catching up on everything else that was put on hold.

The car is a whole 'nother story to contend with... but it can wait.

I'm off.......

but thought for the day........
"A simple life in the fear-of-God is better than a rich life with a ton of headaches."


Friday, December 03, 2004

The family mutt.... Milly Molly Mandy. Not quite as tiny now..... but still super cute, and playful! Posted by Hello

My Lilly Pants.... no idea how the name happened.... it really is just Lilly.... pants just kind of fit her. Posted by Hello