Tuesday, June 21, 2005

sweet sounds....

Sitting here... a Tuesday night, where I was AT HOME! :) Yay for holidays, and not having Bible school. That kind of sounds all wrong, doesn't it. I do enjoy it, but when the holidays roll round, it's good to know that you can be at home doing absolutely nothing if you choose.
I'm kind of curious about the rugby game being played in the cold, deep south - but not enough to get worried if I don't find out what the score was before I crash.
The city has turned itself black and white in an effort to get behind the All Blacks. Kind of funny to see so much complete unity and passion for a rugby team, and why is it when they are playing the Lions? Could it be the fact that England won the world cup, and many of the players are here to prove they are still the world champions? Who knows... but I'm in blown away by the efforts that have gone into the black and white campaign. Every school you drive past has a HUGE sign with ALL BLACKS on it in some way or other, which is quite cute... quite sick too! hehehe do we get this passionate about the fact that Campbell just won the US open? What about Team NZ over in Europe and the races they won over the weekend?
New Zealand will always be a Rugby Head country... and while it's not a bad thing, it can get to you the way the nation stops for a game. (Of course, the benefits of being able to go grocery shoping when everyone is firmly planted in front of a television set is nice.)

It's been a quiet week. They often are when I'm at home. I headed into town to see John. He was flapping around, so I had to jokingly ask if I could have my job back. He just laughed and asked if I could finish the things I hadn't done before I left. Was I free that afternoon to get things sorted? I know I miss the interaction and silly banter that gets thrown between us, and just the people contact... talking on the phone to people who want to talk to me. I never realised how bruising it can be to ones ego. Am I not a sales person after all?

There are certainly some issues that I have with this new company, but I'm not so naive as to think that there is a "perfect" company out there. But surely I'm not going to keep finding the companies that can't provide you with the simple things?!

The joys....

No more moaning... the doctor tomorrow to try and sort out the bigger things. :) While I'm beyond freaked at the idea of going in there and explaining things, I'm more scared at the prospect of letting things get worse. Will there be another opportunity?

I lost my keys today. Something that is not typical of me - not to really loose them, and have to turn the house upside down in an effort to find them. It made me loose my head. It was awful, and so pitiful at the same time. A sign of things? I hope not!

"Twenty years from now you will be more dissapointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." Mark Twain

Thursday, June 16, 2005

tales of frost....

Zippy, Bungle and I made it home.... after much driving......

Oh- Zippy would of course by my imaginary friend, who is stuck in the car as a permenent fixture now. Poor thing. And, well, Bungle is the car itself.

It was an interesting journey... not bad... not great... though Dunedin is growing on me. It was amazing driving down to Balclutha.... even just outside of Dunedin - the frost was so heavy... the trees looked gorgeous... the road was pretty icy in some parts... only managed to skid once, no doubt at the most inopportune moment in the whole trip, but survived - as did Bungle. I just loved the whole look when driving through the valleys.... the trees, covered in frost, had a pink hue about them which was gorgeous with the sky in the background. Of course... didn't see much of the sky blue, but when you caught it.... luscious.
Drove through lots of cloud up in the higher mountains.... between Roxborough and Alexandra, couldn't see much of anything, but looking behind you, when you drove out of it, looked amazing.
So mysterious.

By the time I got to Ashburton last night I was feeling super sleepy, and the roads all got rather straight - which is not good timing at all. I made it home around 8 to light the fire and cook up some yummy soup.

today.... catch up on paper work.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

side note...

I forgot.....

Mike got back... baring gifts......

the funny boy was sending me txts after I asked him to bring back perfume from duty free... as any real girl would.
He found the stuff in a market over there... and then wondered and worried if it was the real thing, would it smell ok?
He ends up buying the real stuff from duty free just in case.

It was the cutest thing to see him armed with all the smelley stuff...... he ended up getting a couple of different ones at the market... one smells like bananas. Figure they must use it to attract the monkeys into the markets for the tourists. All important part of an authentic holiday in Bali?!

It was very cool anyway.... sounded like he had a fantastic time over there... and is looking forward to his next holiday on the islands. Guess that may be where he heads instead of to the freezing Canada....
Tough choice.... not! hehe... but that's just me.

oh... was sent this one today.... it was similar to something I had read once before....

"Love is not about finding the right person, but about creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning, but how much love you build till the end."

Wise words.... the other one was something like

It's not about finding the perfect person, but about finding it within yourself to love the imperfect perfectly.

before I run off... again

I seem to be slightly flaky these days..... especially when it comes to sitting down to do a post.

I'm thinking about taking the old trusty laptop with me this week.... but whether or not I actually get it online is another question - whether it will be worth trying is another thing completely.

I still haven't packed... hehehe.... though I have got everything ready to go into the car. Let the fun begin! I'm not taking nearly as much "stuff" as I did last time. I can't see the point. So, taking some trusty favourites. :)

Been an interesting weekend... nothing mind blowing.... more revealing to me, myself and I. That, and I've been kinda sick in bed. Got some nasty cough thing going down. Joys. Caught up with old flatmate Catherine on Sat.... a bunch of the girls went out for brunch which was hillarious. Never know what kind of conversation you are going to have when in the company of those ones. We've all kinda said that there are no boundaries, which makes for zaninessssss... and of course, I'm sure I saw the people at the table behind us squirm!
That's not really the aim, but to talk about everything - that is. And all important to us.

The day before I had breakfast with E and Rae. Early start to the day.... after a late night with Jacx... talk about a social week! It's hard work catching up with everyone after you've been away for two weeks. I had kind of hoped that I would be on the west coast catching up with Benny - but thinking I may do thta on the way home this week instead. Although I really want to drive up through Lindis Pass.... If I can time it at sunset I will be super happy!! :) It's such an ever changing place, with the light just making the scenery. Wish I had a camera for this one.... might even find some snow?!

I don't think I've even written since the long weekend away.

Wellington was a blast in lots of ways....
I had a very swanky dinner with Shane, which was a nice surprise. Of course I felt revolting and kinda out of place after tramping around the city since early that morning.... buying a hat, cause man it was miserable weather! So... sporting some smelley clothes, sneakers, and hat hair... the perfect atire for such an event. Shane just laughed at me, and told me not to worry about it.
So.... good to catch up with him that night. and yummy food!!!
May have to take Mike along there one day - or just tell him where it is?!
Sunday was spent trapsing between churches, which was all fun and games... Shane's mum ended up in hospital that day, so didn't see him again.... hopefully she's doing all better now.
Instead - I lost my cell phone. Talk about nutter!
You suddenly feel very out of it - not having your main source of communication. No txts, no phone calls.... seemed to equal no love at that stage.
Anyway..... went for a cruise on the waterfront after church... which was awesome. Enjoyed getting out on the water. I had thought about going kayaking - but wasn't dressed for it, while the water was the most calm I'd seen it. Next time.
The boat was kinda cool.... and the scenery was nice.... I love just getting out on the water - and not having to do any work to be out there was all good.
Spent a couple of days wondering around Te Papa too. Got to see the exhibition which was the purpose of the whole exercise. YAY. some very cool drawings to check out there... and I did leave feeling cultured. hehehe.... I'm easily pleased.
Also inspired.

The rest of my time was spent wondering... soaking in the sights, smells and sounds....
I realised I don't spend a great deal of time in city centres. Christchurch kind of elludes me... there is no real need to go down there... so I don't. And yet, I hate malls... so where do I spend my time? On the hill I guess.
It was fun people watching.... and I did catch up with Sally for lunch on Monday which was brilliant. She's just gorgeous... and so great to spend some quick time with. We chatted away, found some good coffeee.... and yaked about Ains. Ains is wanting to head to Thailand with Sally next year... we just laughed about the idea. I don't know what Ains would do somewhere like that? between the 3 of us, we're all such different travelers. I told Sally I wouldn't be able to do it.... she understood....
Hey - I'm all for Canada anyway.... not thinking beyond Christmas.
Actually... need to get in touch with Nigel too... and find out what's going on with him. Last txt was just see you at Christmas.
I think Mike may have piked on that one... he's focused on buying the house, which is all good for him. Oh well, I guess. Should still catch up with Julie, Bethany and Sarah somewhere along the way, somehow?!
and then I guess stay with Nicky and Dave in Vancouver. I had better get in touch with Cairns and Feo to let them know I'll be there.

Enough prattle....... I'd better get things sorted here. The kitchen is a dump. as is my room. and I know I need sleep.

Let the emotional rollercoaster stop here.... I don't think I want to take it with me on this trip.