Sunday, January 23, 2005


Yes... been a rather headless chicken kind of week.

Should all quieten down come Feb?! Wishful thinking too, maybe?

So... this past week was the frantic house hunt, and of course last minute running around for the concert. Oh, and of course work inbetween. I've spent some time in my office just catching up with silly little things before I can really go away and leave it all. Will be there tomorrow morning doing a quick order before picking up Shawn from the airport. YAY!

No idea what we'll get upto tomorrow. Chances are he'll be dead to the world after his flight.... I have no idea how long he was in England for before flying on over... and via Oz too, just to really be a bummer!
YUK! That is one long dragged out flight!

Still.... got lots of possitive feedback from people at church this morning about the concert. Jacx is super excited about it all - and her cd cover is so very cool! Yeah... I'm brimming over with pride at my dear friends awesome artistic talents. May this just be the beginning of something much bigger.... God take her places and stir something in peoples hearts when they hear her sing.... the prayer of my heart!

Andy was hillarious at band practice.... walks in and just goes - WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??????? Why did you not ask if Shawn could stay at our place????? hahahaha.... I absolutely had to crack up. NUTTER

So... sounds like Tim and Euginie are quite excited about having him come and stay. Trying to figure out what we're going to do tomorrow night?! I know I have to keep Shawn awake till it's night, otherwise he's going to loose the plot come parachute.
Poor guy!

My room is filled with boxes, as I try and do the packing thing. Didn't get as much done yesterday as I would have liked, but I guess we'll get there. Panic later. hehe
I hate packing.... and just want it all to be over now. Fully can't wait to move into the new place. YAY!
Will have to snap some pics of the new house once we get over there... of course, my computer is throwing little hissy fits. I blame Mike. I can't get hello to work on my computer anymore. ARHG!
Shall figure that one out later - minor problem in the grand scheme of things.

The car hunt is still on..... but not going to panic about that one either. hehe. The new place is a little further away from work - but shouldn't take more than 45mins to walk there. And it will be so good for me to get back into that again. I feel kind of sloth like right now. It's been super hot, and I'm starting to come down with something, which is never any fun. Glands are just starting to get up, and there pretty sore. Most annoying, but I know I'm run down now.

Anyway... back to the packing.

tons of Aroha

Friday, January 21, 2005


The week has flown by, and honestly I don't know what to say. :)

Have spent the last couple of weeks furiously searching for the perfect place to lay my head.....
and tonight, after looking at wayyyyy too many houses to count, we found it!

The landlord just ended up standing there laughing at us, as we got more excited about the fact that we now had a house. To make it more amazing.... we all wanted different bedrooms, so no arguments there. I got my book cases... yay!! and a wardrobe! :) and am even allowed to paint it.

So... I'm excited.... though it means a weekend filled with packing and getting things all sorted before I leave on Wednesday. Want to have everything done, so that when I come back, I can sleep and then just throw everything into a trailer and get it moved first thing that morning.... and can get things unpacked before work the next day.


Bring on Feb though, and a quieter month.

Stopped in o n Jacx tonight on my way home.... she's just finished recording her album which will be sold at the concert on tuesday - and WOW... it looks so awesome! Sounds strange, doesn't it. But, I was just looking at the cover that she did. Awesome stuff.... so perfectly Jacx! I'm just so proud of her.

righty ho... time for some sleep.

can't get "hello" to work for me. My computer is having hissy fits right now. Will have to get it checked out. Where's Mike when I need him! Pretty sure it's partly his fault too. hehehe

Night all...

Thursday, January 13, 2005


been a series of late nights here... and super long days inbetween. I don't feel like I've quite gotten back into the swing of things at work, which is a bother. Have a couple of quotes that I've been trying to get done - but haven't managed to just find the flow. Normally I have an immediate idea of what I'd use. Holidays, huh.

TO top it all off is the concert stuff - which is exciting, and I think all coming together beautifully. The night will tell all, I guess.
Still... it's all been incredibly encouraging. And I think I'm getting better at asking for help too!

Have been doing some drive by's for the future house. YAY! Seems we may have another person on board, which is brilliant. All quite crazy, but obviously another God thing.

Anyway... I'll babble on about it all later. This weekend will hopefully be THE ONE, although hard to know where I'm going to fit it all in with weddings and packing. Insane!

best fly.....


Saturday, January 08, 2005

almost bedtime...

Just dwelling......

all sorts of things running through my head, and hardly know where I can actually start with putting it all down in words, so don't think I will.
bed sounds far easier.

Yep, being the weekend and all, I'm pretty keen to take it easy, and just get through the things that need to be done. No extra stress or thought, if completely avoidable! :)
(So unlike me!)

So, guess I'll go to bed and just mull over everything. Life is certainly throwing some curve balls my way.

On that note.... what wise words do I have for tonight?

"The people who make a difference are not the ones whith the credentials, but the ones with concern." Max Lucado


Had just written this huge long entry, and then, my computer frooze on me. One of those moments. They are such wonderful beasts, with such minds of their owns.
Guess I wasn't meant to tell everyone everything. hahaha :)

Just about to crawl into bed.... and somehow feel like I've gotten everything out there - even though no one will get the chance to question it, and even know what I was thinking. Maybe it's time I kept the craziness to myself?
Nahhhhh... where's the fun in that?

Was watching "Sweet Home Alabama" tonight with flatmates... and just sat and soaked up the easiness. Actually took me back to my summers there.... and the people, and the fact that I do miss it all in a crazy way. It was independent and easy and all slightly crazy. Those incredible thunder storms that you got in the afternoon, the afternoons in the movie theatres cause it was just too hot to be anywhere else, and the people.
It is such a different lifestyle.

I was reading an article a while ago about English tourists, and how they all rated NZ as a place to visit. The only complaint was that NZ was too quiet at night.... little to do. I know that it's very different to England - where the pub is the centre of all civilization, and all social function, and while that didn't really do it for me - there is a social side to the States that you just don't get here.
Yeah - I think my days of going out till the wee hours are over, but the dancing in the streets - the music, the festivity..... it's wacky and fun!
I miss that alot.
We have culture here... but not the mad elements that they have there.

I don't know.... I think I'm just getting abit stale here.

That, and I know I miss the people. Had a quick catch up with my friend Julie... who declares all the time that we will be old maids sitting on our front porch somewhere in the States... with our cats, and our frozen margarittas, just watching the world go by. hahahaha

Anyway.... I'd better zoom it here... tomorrow is a day filled with organising... lists, and bits and pieces to get finalised, and just catching up.

"An unshared life is not living. He who shares does not lessen, but greatens his life."
for mike who wanted to know.


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

home, sweet home.....

Yes, back to my beloved bedroom, where I can lay my head, and know..... sleep will come!

While I had a great time up on the farm... soaking up the beauty, along with the rain.... I was pretty wound up about things too. Bad juju when you can't relax. I guess I'm learning more and more about me - what I demand of myself and of course, the people around me.

BUT.... I'm open to the growing and the learning... and know it's all a gradual thing. :) Good thing that!

What I did realise late last night, while I was overthinking the universe, was that it was time to move out of the girly house. Total peace about it all now, which is awesome. That - and just knowing that a decision has been made - and now, it's time to just walk that out!
This is going to be a full on month, so probably won't happen this month.... but come Feb, I guess it will be time to pack up everything again... begin the culling process and make the big move to a new abode. Exciting.... and yet, the task of finding that perfect abode - a little daughnting. House hunting is one of my least favourite past times. hehe

Anyway.... tomorrow is looming, and sleep is waiting.....
I don't sleep well at home, and was up super early this morning getting horses ready for the show. My dearest broodmare, Tui - which is one of the horses we brought with us from Canada - who is nearing the 20 year age, having had 11 foals won Champion and her foal, reserve. She is just awesome!! So relaxed in comparison to the hillarious horse I was leading around. Man... my arms are sore, and the bruses are bursting into full colour. I always seem to come back from the farm a multitude of different colours. :)

Love to everyone...