Friday, January 21, 2005


The week has flown by, and honestly I don't know what to say. :)

Have spent the last couple of weeks furiously searching for the perfect place to lay my head.....
and tonight, after looking at wayyyyy too many houses to count, we found it!

The landlord just ended up standing there laughing at us, as we got more excited about the fact that we now had a house. To make it more amazing.... we all wanted different bedrooms, so no arguments there. I got my book cases... yay!! and a wardrobe! :) and am even allowed to paint it.

So... I'm excited.... though it means a weekend filled with packing and getting things all sorted before I leave on Wednesday. Want to have everything done, so that when I come back, I can sleep and then just throw everything into a trailer and get it moved first thing that morning.... and can get things unpacked before work the next day.


Bring on Feb though, and a quieter month.

Stopped in o n Jacx tonight on my way home.... she's just finished recording her album which will be sold at the concert on tuesday - and WOW... it looks so awesome! Sounds strange, doesn't it. But, I was just looking at the cover that she did. Awesome stuff.... so perfectly Jacx! I'm just so proud of her.

righty ho... time for some sleep.

can't get "hello" to work for me. My computer is having hissy fits right now. Will have to get it checked out. Where's Mike when I need him! Pretty sure it's partly his fault too. hehehe

Night all...

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TaB said...

I’m afraid I don’t care how busy you get, that’s just no excuse for not writing it down in your diary, very cross with you!! ;)

I am so pleased you found your home!!! Woohoo! Now you can rest in fed (and feed me with words) lol

Your friends a singer? Holy bananas, that’s wild. What sort of music is it? you never did send me some Christian music titles!! Or maybe you did and gmail ate it, okay I’ll let that slide ..for now ..grrr lol Have a fun, safe and relaxing week CJ xox