Saturday, January 08, 2005

almost bedtime...

Just dwelling......

all sorts of things running through my head, and hardly know where I can actually start with putting it all down in words, so don't think I will.
bed sounds far easier.

Yep, being the weekend and all, I'm pretty keen to take it easy, and just get through the things that need to be done. No extra stress or thought, if completely avoidable! :)
(So unlike me!)

So, guess I'll go to bed and just mull over everything. Life is certainly throwing some curve balls my way.

On that note.... what wise words do I have for tonight?

"The people who make a difference are not the ones whith the credentials, but the ones with concern." Max Lucado

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TaB said...

Tis me.. Will you share what's going on in your noodle CJ? I have an idea what's going on. Your already added to my prayer list, so i'll send out some good ones for you this eve.. Sleep well