Sunday, November 13, 2011

a picture of words...

Someone asked me how long I'd had my blog for when I was out last night.

The person in question had just started one themselves and has been reveling in it all.... which was a feeling I could relate to......

I can't believe that this all started in 2004.

2 0 0 4!!!

I can't even begin to talk about how much life has changed since then.

I can remember quite clearly the challenge that was set out for me to begin the blog in the first place and I wonder if it has served its purpose?

For me, I would say yes. Add to that that I've actually made friends from on here and it gets even better. I just tried to archive my blog so that I could carry it around with me, as it really does mean that much to me now, regardless of how neglected it has become.

So the next question put to me yesterday was I guess a new challenge.

Would I start writing here again - or would I start a new blog somewhere new? I feel the need to write, and while I've always kept a journal - for some reason I enjoy this as a medium. There is certainly a part of me that's just itching to get creative once more. Even my camera has been hidden away for too long.

For now I just wanted to thank all those who have humbled me with comments, stopped by and made a difference in my world.
You are all such marvelous individuals whose words have meant more than I suspect most of you would know.

You are appreciated.

Friday, April 01, 2011

A long time....

It's been an incredibly long time since I was here.....

Thinking back to when it all began, and the reason for it, I guess I've changed and so has the reason for having this place of mine.

So - what now?

It's a totally different season. A new place. A new home. A new job. A new me?

Yes... there is always a time and place for everything.

So - perhaps it's time to start this thing again?


Saturday, August 21, 2010


I had a wonderful holiday with one of my best friends and then got to spend a week with my brother and sister in law.

Talk about so spoiled and blessed. I'd spent almost two months searching for a job, sending out so many applications and hearing very little back. I'd had a few interviews, but certainly nothing to get excited about. Of course, I never doubt that we learn from these experiences, but I'd reached a point where I just need to be around some people who loved me for me and I didn't have to try and explain who I was any more.

So, while it did kind of feel irresponsible to do it - it was something that I desperately needed to - so I went on a road trip with a couple of friends who just happened to be heading that way.... it was wonderful to see them too, and was pretty much the only way we would have caught up. :)

To top it off, the trip was timed with two birthdays - so honestly, it was just meant to be! I think really, as much for me as for the girls. :) God does manage to orchestrate things so beautifully.

So - after two weeks of R&R I arrived back here to job interviews. In fact, this week has been exhausting, but so great! I've never worked so hard for an interview before. The recruitment agent that I've been working with for one of the jobs has been an absolute gem and I've learnt so much.

Amazingly all the jobs are in the electrical industry - and each one different from the other.
I had to laugh.

So - word at the end of the week.... I'm through to the next interview for two of the jobs, which is exciting. But I won't get really excited until I have a job offer in front of me. Praying that it happens next week!!! Although around here, nothing seems to happen quickly. But I'm sure hopeful!

Then I can excited about what happens next.... like finding somewhere to live and getting a car. :) That's an experience all on its own. he he.

Yes - I'm being pruned in a big way, and in the end the fruit will make it all worth while.


Tuesday, July 06, 2010


I passed both my papers - so hopefully that means I've actually graduated! :)

Yeah - crazy and hard to get my head around.

On that note.... I'm feeling most deserving of a holiday and some R&R to celebrate, so I'm going AWOL for a while.

Bags are packed, tickets booked..... watch out world!

Where to from here.... who knows.

It's a big wide world and there's a whole lot to see.

Yes - feels totally insane, but exciting at the same time.

Friday, June 18, 2010

the crazy things...

So, the last assignment has been sent off with prayers being whispered on the wind that I've passed and graduation is just around the corner.


The last couple of weeks have left me feeling beyond overwhelmed; with school work, work, packing and family.

The house has sold - and that all goes through at the end of the month. Absolutely fantastic and exciting...... which also means big things for me.
Maybe some sleep?

For now, I'm catching up on the little things. Getting the bills paid. The washing done. The coffee drunk and a few photos taken.

Life carries on, regardless of how we're feeling and where we are.

And knowing I'm held in the palm of His hand does much to sooth my soul.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

over coffee.....

Tobias checking out the Bantams.... in his laid back way. I think they were far more interested in him than he was in them. I kept waiting for "Tiger", the new rooster to come inside. (named after mr woods because of his 'affection' for the girls.

Monday, April 26, 2010

coming to the end.....

Should I be excited, scared, anxious?

I've got 4 weeks left of my university course and then, all going well I graduate with my teaching degree.

It's only taken me 10 years. WOW!

Yes, worth a few fireworks! :)

I am scared...... scared of failing, which is something I know we all have to deal with at different times.

For me this has been a huge stumbling block in my life. I think when I gave it all up, I'd figured I couldn't do it - not because I couldn't. Yes, there have been some tough moments - but it's doable, but more because I was scared.

I've realised lately while I've had so many other things going on in my life that I'm one of those people who doesn't get scared often - but when I do it has an almost paralyzing effect on me. I freak and become incapable of making a decision or just move on. It's the most bizarre thing for me to realise and have to deal with - because I've never really been a person who gets scared of much.

Staying at home by myself has never worried me. Swimming out in the ocean doesn't frighten me, I happen to love the dark, will happily drive across country by myself.
I've come across many people who actually don't like doing some of those things and I've often struggled to understand that kind of fear.

So, here I am. A new season approaching. Some massive changes, and I refuse to get scared.

Watch out world, here I come!