Tuesday, January 16, 2007

big thoughts!

ok, maybe not big... but funny!

Was just flicking through my new office calendar and stumbled across this great picture of a hipo's head appearing from beneath a whole lot of water plants - the quote underneath it reads:

"There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line."
~ Oscar Levant. American pianist and actor.

Love it!

I wish I could post the picture too - but the scanner here is one difficult beast to convince to do such tasks. You'll just have to use your imagination. :)


Saturday, January 13, 2007


brooke has just come out with a gorgeous new cd. I've managed to misplace the cd cover. No idea where it's gone... so that will have to wait....
but this morning I was digging through some of the older cd's and found one of my favourites - bebo norman; try.

my favourite song would have to be "nothing without you", and today the words really struck a chord in my heart - so here you go.

take these hands and lift them up
for i have not the strength to praise you near enough
i have nothing, i have nothing without you.
and take my voice and pour it out
let it sing the songs of mercy i have found
for i have nothing, i have nothing without you.

all my soul needs
is all your love to cover me
so all the world can see
that i have nothing without you

take my body and build it up
may it be broken as an offering of love
for i have nothing without you

but i love
with all my heart
with all my soul
with all my mind
and all the strength that i can find

take my time here on this earth
and let it glorify all that you are worth
for i am nothing without you

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Monday, January 08, 2007


First day back at work.... and alas, most places are still closed and away on holiday for another week meaning that I'm in for a dull week.

I was hoping for madness, headless chicken kind of running around catching up on everything that had backpilled over the last 2 weeks, but no joy.

Means however that I can quickly jump on here. hehehe... yes, there is always a brightside to these things.

My brain is swinning in thoughts in so many different directions, and yet - I can't seem to grab any one thought and concentrate on it long enough to form anything comprehensible. It's quite a state.
And I'm reminded of the passage in the bible that mentions we are not to be a wave, tooing and frooing which would make us wicked. (Isaiah 57:20,21)

20 But the wicked are like the tossing sea,
which cannot rest,
whose waves cast up mire and mud.

21 "There is no peace," says my God, "for the wicked."

Not so nice sounding. But I understand it. Anyway... I guess I'd better get constructive here, and figure out what will be happening this week while things seem to be quiet. I'm thinking that a trip to Tauranga may happen tomorrow.

I'll keep dreaming of snow from here, while the temperatures start to rise.

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of etenity, or life, of the marvelous structure of realisty. It is enough if one tried merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity."

Albert Einstein

Saturday, January 06, 2007

a sailing we will go.....

A friend (Colin) had his 30th birthday, back in November with a trip sailing around the Tauranga harbour. It was a stunning night catching up with old friends from uni days.

Si, who I hadn't seen in 10 years when I left for the States and he continued with his degree before taking off himself. It was so good to see him, and I know for me, it hardly felt like it had been that long - though we've been terrible at keeping in touch. And crazily enough, he's the one who is probably the closest to where I'm living now, but do you think we've caught up again since that night. Nope! hehehehe

Rhonda.... who has got to be one of the greatest people out there. Just super outgoing and caring. You need someone like her in your life. I actually saw her the following weekend as well, which was pretty impressive. It had been a few years since I caught up with her while she was down in Christchurch. She'd gone to live in England for a while, and got back last year, and seems to have gone into settle down mode - having just moved into a house of her own with her partner "G". We decided over the weekend that we really needed to set aside one weekend that we would all get together. It's too easy for the years to slip by, and for us not to see eachother at all - unless there's a wedding or something.
So... this year, Rhonda and G have said we can all crash there for a midwinter Christmas.... which reminds me, I need to email everyone now. :)

And then... the other 2 party girls; Tammy and Nicole. They stoped in the other day on their way back North after New Years.... and I realised again just how real and lovely they are. I hadn't spent alot of time with them, though we did catch up over in England many years ago. Since then Tammy and I have fired a few emails to eachother, but never caught up. Both of them are actually great at making that extra effort at keeping in touch and actually seeing other people. Very special.

We were trying to figure out how to make friends - since they've both moved North after being over in the UK for a few years, and not being in a big city. Tammy came out with the great facts of the different age groups - how are 20 year olds we're more social. Our world revolves around our friends. In your 30's you're generally settling down, married, starting families and your world revolves around that. In your 40's more of the same... the friends that you have are generally through your kids, and in your 50's you go back to being social and finding friends outside of everything else.

We just laughed, and promised we would share any secrets we found as we looked for friends - single or married. It was all kind of funny, but nice to talk about how we were in similar situations, and to just know we're not alone.

There we go... who would have thought I would be able to sit here and do such a catch up session of sorts.

(I've hurt my hand and am not much use out on the farm, so have been able to sit for an extended period of time without feeling the need to go out and help! :) )

I wish I had my book of quotes... I feel like some wisdom is needed, but I am lacking.

for now... Ciao is all I have.


Picture catch up...

I actually had a moment to check out some of the pics on my memory card when I posted the last pics... and figured now was a good time to throw them up here!

It's by no means a very good record of what's been going on - and these ones were taken back in October.

I had a trip up to Auckland to catch up with some friends, and did a little drive around which was fun. All taken from the North Shore - Devonport area.

Obviously - taken from one of the hills looking down on a nearby beach. I just liked the angle of it. The scattering of people down below. It wasn't the most sunny of days - which made for a better day with the camera. :)

Rangitoto.... an island about an hour away from Auckland. You guessed it another volcanic feature of our mighty country. You can actually take a ferry out there and walk to the top. Something I have yet to do.

And there you have the skyline... the view of downtown Auckland over the other side of the harbour. Pity about the flag flying that day.... some big rugby game on that night I would imagine.

a night out....

Finally got a couple of shots of the beloved little Evita Mary!!

Went out to a bbq at Tessa's mums place last night to meet some of the locals. Funny how I mention the move to Canada and suddenly both Tess and Tamati go into "matchmaking" mode. It was hillarious to see their reaction at dinner the other night.

"but, but, but........you can't leave. I know, we'll find someone for you to settle down with...."

I just said that after 6 months, all I desperately wanted was some friends. People to do things with. People to talk to. I didn't think it would be this hard. And while Shane tells me that I just need to jump in the deep end - how much deeper can I go? I'm singing at church - pretty out there, pretty deep. I've invited anyone and everyone I've met out to coffee.... and have had resounding NOs. Is there something else? The people that I have met, and are keen to hang out are all 20. Nothing against that at all - but it is different.

Anyway... back to the bbq.

Lovely night out. Fantastic conversation... and even a time of prayer! How can you beat that?!

And then there was the mischief maker; Tawhai.
He was left to eat a bowl of cherries to his absolute delight! And yes, the mess on his face was priceless, as was the moment when we realised he was swallowing the seeds. Finally got him to spit them out.
I remember as a child I was convinced that I must have a million watermellon plants growing inside of me after each summer - and always wondered what happened to them???

Tawhai is ever changing and constantly growing. He's really such a great kid to have around, and so funny to watch as he entertains himself.
We were talking about how different Evita is to him. He was so laid back, and yet Evita is far more of a snuggly baby. Tawhai wouldn't go to sleep in your arms, while Evita would rather sleep there... and yet she's the one who lets you know when she's angry, and Tawhai just cruises along.
It's fun to watch the differences, and just know that they are part of you. I guess I'm becoming ever more protective of them both. Hope that just transpires into me praying for them more.

Today.... more horse stuff, and then Tess and I might go and see a movie. I think she's needing some time out just as much as me. :)

Blessings. xxx

Friday, January 05, 2007


I'm not sure which is worse - trying to do everything, or trying to hide by doing everything?

I've just realised that I've lost touch with so many people who still mean so much to me.
I haven't been a very good friend as of late. And realising that just makes me feel worse.

hehehehe... all most amusing, I know.

My holiday is almost over.
I was given full charge of the farm while my parents took off for my beloved South Island for a week, leaving me with a new stallion who had just arrived from Australia and all the other animals.
Jess (Tredway Aristocrat) arrived on Boxing day as my parents Christmas present to themselves. And lucky me. I got to bond with him as they fled straight after he arrived. I still haven't taken any pictures of him - but he has the sweetest head, and is really such a great horse to work with. He's off to his first show this weekend, which will really show what he's like behaviour wise. My old mare; Tui was in season the day after he got here, so after a quick vet check he was put to work! He was pretty excited! heheheh. Such a male!

Here's hoping she got in foal, and I get to have one more from her before her real retirement? Although I'd still like to get her driving again?!

Other than jess I had 4 other horses to get ready for the show, another one around the house and I had stupidly decided to paint the inside of my parents house as a wedding anniversary present. NUTS! I was up until 3 many mornings trying to get it all finished.

Must say it was worth it, as it does look really good. Thank goodness an old friend called in and helped me do some of the edging - as that was beginning to do my head in as I realised how tired I was.

Anyway... that's where I've been. Should anyone have wondered.

Now that it's almost time to go back to work - you never know, I may find time to write?!

As for the house hunt?! Nothing has come up - however, plane tickets to Calgary are looking pretty good, come August.

Kia kaha.