Saturday, January 06, 2007

Picture catch up...

I actually had a moment to check out some of the pics on my memory card when I posted the last pics... and figured now was a good time to throw them up here!

It's by no means a very good record of what's been going on - and these ones were taken back in October.

I had a trip up to Auckland to catch up with some friends, and did a little drive around which was fun. All taken from the North Shore - Devonport area.

Obviously - taken from one of the hills looking down on a nearby beach. I just liked the angle of it. The scattering of people down below. It wasn't the most sunny of days - which made for a better day with the camera. :)

Rangitoto.... an island about an hour away from Auckland. You guessed it another volcanic feature of our mighty country. You can actually take a ferry out there and walk to the top. Something I have yet to do.

And there you have the skyline... the view of downtown Auckland over the other side of the harbour. Pity about the flag flying that day.... some big rugby game on that night I would imagine.

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