Saturday, January 06, 2007

a night out....

Finally got a couple of shots of the beloved little Evita Mary!!

Went out to a bbq at Tessa's mums place last night to meet some of the locals. Funny how I mention the move to Canada and suddenly both Tess and Tamati go into "matchmaking" mode. It was hillarious to see their reaction at dinner the other night.

"but, but, can't leave. I know, we'll find someone for you to settle down with...."

I just said that after 6 months, all I desperately wanted was some friends. People to do things with. People to talk to. I didn't think it would be this hard. And while Shane tells me that I just need to jump in the deep end - how much deeper can I go? I'm singing at church - pretty out there, pretty deep. I've invited anyone and everyone I've met out to coffee.... and have had resounding NOs. Is there something else? The people that I have met, and are keen to hang out are all 20. Nothing against that at all - but it is different.

Anyway... back to the bbq.

Lovely night out. Fantastic conversation... and even a time of prayer! How can you beat that?!

And then there was the mischief maker; Tawhai.
He was left to eat a bowl of cherries to his absolute delight! And yes, the mess on his face was priceless, as was the moment when we realised he was swallowing the seeds. Finally got him to spit them out.
I remember as a child I was convinced that I must have a million watermellon plants growing inside of me after each summer - and always wondered what happened to them???

Tawhai is ever changing and constantly growing. He's really such a great kid to have around, and so funny to watch as he entertains himself.
We were talking about how different Evita is to him. He was so laid back, and yet Evita is far more of a snuggly baby. Tawhai wouldn't go to sleep in your arms, while Evita would rather sleep there... and yet she's the one who lets you know when she's angry, and Tawhai just cruises along.
It's fun to watch the differences, and just know that they are part of you. I guess I'm becoming ever more protective of them both. Hope that just transpires into me praying for them more.

Today.... more horse stuff, and then Tess and I might go and see a movie. I think she's needing some time out just as much as me. :)

Blessings. xxx

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