Friday, January 05, 2007


I'm not sure which is worse - trying to do everything, or trying to hide by doing everything?

I've just realised that I've lost touch with so many people who still mean so much to me.
I haven't been a very good friend as of late. And realising that just makes me feel worse.

hehehehe... all most amusing, I know.

My holiday is almost over.
I was given full charge of the farm while my parents took off for my beloved South Island for a week, leaving me with a new stallion who had just arrived from Australia and all the other animals.
Jess (Tredway Aristocrat) arrived on Boxing day as my parents Christmas present to themselves. And lucky me. I got to bond with him as they fled straight after he arrived. I still haven't taken any pictures of him - but he has the sweetest head, and is really such a great horse to work with. He's off to his first show this weekend, which will really show what he's like behaviour wise. My old mare; Tui was in season the day after he got here, so after a quick vet check he was put to work! He was pretty excited! heheheh. Such a male!

Here's hoping she got in foal, and I get to have one more from her before her real retirement? Although I'd still like to get her driving again?!

Other than jess I had 4 other horses to get ready for the show, another one around the house and I had stupidly decided to paint the inside of my parents house as a wedding anniversary present. NUTS! I was up until 3 many mornings trying to get it all finished.

Must say it was worth it, as it does look really good. Thank goodness an old friend called in and helped me do some of the edging - as that was beginning to do my head in as I realised how tired I was.

Anyway... that's where I've been. Should anyone have wondered.

Now that it's almost time to go back to work - you never know, I may find time to write?!

As for the house hunt?! Nothing has come up - however, plane tickets to Calgary are looking pretty good, come August.

Kia kaha.

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