Tuesday, April 26, 2005

last tuesday.....

So - the phoneless day was a dream... so far from reality!

I got to work after the morning at the course, which was really good. Watched some good ol'fish throwing at some fish shop in Seattle, which was inspiring - though hardly makes sense in this context. :)

Caught up with Benny last night. We went and caught a cute little French Canadian flick about some tiny fishing village that needed to convince a Dr to move there in order to get a factory built. It was gorgeous.
Was nice to just hang out with Ben, and hear what he's been upto, and what he wants to do with the rest of the year. :) I hadn't realised that it had been so long since I'd last seen him. AGES! Still.... that's the way it goes. He's heading back up for a med. course in a couple of weeks, and staying here - though he had nothing but horrible things to say about my snoring! I was super tired..... which is when I'm more likely than ever to snore away... but still. It wasn't like I did it on purpose! poor guy looked so tired when he called into my office this afternoon. So - guess we'll just leave the futon out in the living room, and not bother bringing it into my room.... he'll just have to get used to the fridge making noise, and being woken up early by me. :) It's only a week - and I may be out of town for some of the week anyway.

I haven't heard anything from the new boss.... maybe tomorrow. Would be nice to know whether he wants me down here, or up in Wellington before next week. Wait and see. They did the internal email advertising my job today. they are actually thinking about the job description this time round, and getting the contract organised. wohoooo... still... I'm actually kind of worried about the person that will be taking over my job. That - and super protective of my clients. I want to know that they will be looked after alright!
Doesn't look like I'll get any time to show them the ropes - John will have to do it all. I just need to get my office organised, and all my stuff out of there.

I am still kind of sad about leaving. Had to tell a few more of my clients that I was leaving today. Nice to know I'll be missed... for a few days. :)

Anyway.... another late night... more snooring... no wonder I wake up so tired. yawned all through this morning and tonights lectures.
And I have band tomorrow.


Sunday, April 24, 2005

thunder and lightening - very exciting?

Had the most amazing storm last night. Had to be pretty impressive to wake me up from my deep slumber.
Woke to the sound of thunder, and then the amazing pelting of HUGE hailstones. Set the car alarm off, and honestly sounded like the roof was going to cave in, and the lightening was going to come crashing through the window. The thunder was truly rolling.... and rolling...... it was very impressive!
Never before have I been curled up in bed with a storm like that, wishing that there was someone there with me. Things like that don't normally scare me, or bother me.... last night.... I would have been grateful to have shared that with someone else. hehehe Maybe I was just too tired. Sounds like a good excuse. Wasn't thinking clearly.....

Had more hail today.
Went and saw a movie, and in the middle of it you could hear the hail pelting down. Got back outside to find a thin layer of ice on the car. What happened to autumn? All the leaves have been torn off of the trees.... the colours all awash in puddles along the road.
So - plans of heading to the beach today were sidelined, funnily enough. I've had the fire going since I got home from church. It's been a nice quiet day. Did some reading for my next assignment - though not enough. made some more pumpkin soup, but didn't get around to making the mighty muffins. Tomorrow, maybe?

Benny was supposed to be staying tonight - but plans changed again. Funny - I'm not normally one to organise things, more into just doing things on impulse, but had actually planned things this weekend, and every single one has fallen through! It's quite classic!
So.... going back to my old ways. Much easier!

So, he may be here tomorrow... but hardly counting on it. I may head into work, and start clearing out my office.... not quite sure how I'm going to get everything done in the next 4 days. Not like I've got tons of orders to get done - but enough to keep my busy. One quote that's just waiting for my attention. Think Tuesday afternoon may be a NO PHONE one! :)


Right.... time to crawl into bed.

Adios world

Saturday, April 23, 2005

nerves kicking in.....

One week to go...... though, who's counting?!

The stress levels seem to be rising in the office, and at the same time - we all seem to be laughing about the situation that they are about to have on their hands. CHAOS!

Rob was so funny today. Head boss calls me into his office to ask me about my contract, and job description.... and I had to let him know that I never had either! I just laugh now. At least they are trying to get it all sorted for the next person who walks into this job. At the same time - they have no clue as to who they could get to take over the job. None of us can think of anyone who is capable - and that's not my ego talking. I know that I'm very protective of my customers... and am pretty worried about how this is all going to work - but having talked to John about it - he's going to take on all my big ones. I'll get everything sorted out as much as I can right now - orders all printed out, and lists of dates. Hoping it will all go ok. I'll be in his office often enough to check up on things! Call me pathetic!

I've told most of my customers that I'm leaving at the end of next week.... some really funny reactions. Still.... will be calling in to see some of them while i'm traveling around - which will be fantastic! Funny getting to see these places that you've sent everything down for - but never seen where they were actually going. I've always been blown away by people's trust in my judgement about what would look right. Very cool aspect of the job. That, and dealing with some great people. :)

When I was online the other day a friend of mine in France jumped on, and told me that "I MUST" download this new messaging programme so we could talk. Always up for some madness, I told him I would as soon as I had broadband up and running again. So, tonight I downloaded it.... and as most of these things do these days, it went through my address book and tried to find people I knew.
Came up with a Craig, and I thought... hmmmmm... could be Maxi, doubtful, but you never know.
Anyway.... this Craig wrote back to me, asking who I was looking for. I told him who I was looking for, and surprise - wrong guy. We started chatting away regardless.... he was from South Africa, but now living in London.
I told him I had loads of SA friends.... but couldn't tell him where in SA any of them were from.
As we're chatting he tells me a friend of his was living in Christchurch before moving over to England. I wasn't about to ask their name, cause what were the chances. I tell him I've just been out of coffee with a friend, and he gives me a hard time for not being out on a Friday night. He then tells me that his friend used to go out for coffee with church friends all the time, and just loved it. So, I ask what church his friend went to - low and behold, it was a good friend of mine - Susanne, who left CHCH 2 years ago. So, I suddenly remember that she and Jiljane had often talked about this Craig. I was blown away... I knew so much about this guy already. So funny!!!! Susanne always had a massive crush on him.
Anyway.... he gives me her address - I haven't heard from her since she left, which was all rather sudden, and bizzare. She was supposed to come back!
It was so cool to get back in touch with her, and talk to this other guy, who was really good friends with JJ as well. Just goes to show how absolutely small the world is now!

Also got to catch up with my friend Bex tonight.... I've missed her while she's been off jetting around with Hanson. Yeah - don't laugh, but she says these guys are getting better with age, and are just one of the coolest bands to be touring with. I love it! :) More than that, I'm just so glad that she's got a gig that she's enjoying now! She works so hard, and just deserves to have something that she can sink her teeth into and enjoy!
She's the one who got Shawn over here for me.... so good to hear that he had a good time here too. He's been asked to come back by both Australia concert organizers and Parachute here. I may get another chance to do another concert for him yet! :) WOHOOOO!! Andy would be so stoked!
Meanwhile... Bex thinks she may get down here this year. Failing that... she may be touring around the States with Hanson, and could meet me in Canada for Christmas?! Could turn into a huge get together. Julie is already saying she'll be there. YAY!

Righty ho.... way past my bedtime, and I have coffee tomorrow at 9. Feeling rather sluggish these days, but I think it's more to do with the stress I've been feeling. Between the whole neck episode, not sleeping, not making time for walking.... it all sometimes feels like it's getting on top of me.
And today I just tried to cram more "STUFF" into my life! hahaha.

To roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Tow roads diverged in a wood, and I -
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

The Road Not Taken - robert frost.

~ bonuit ~

Monday, April 18, 2005

newness.... and wonders

It's a rather breezy evening... made it home from work and went for a walk. Awesome to be outside and able to enjoy those autumn colours. Just love this time of year.

My neck is still amazingly sore - all things considered. Physio is away for the week... so will see how it is when I see her next week. Yay for having next Monday off!! :)

Got a letter from head office today - marked private and confidential. Everyone was very interested to see what it was. Jeremy wondered if perhaps they had got around to doing a contract for me at long last..... no such luck, but almost as bizzare!

I sent an email a while back saying I would be interested in going to a positive management worshop which is happening next week if no managers were interested down here. Well... guess none of them were, cause I'm going next Wednesday. The crazy part, I only have 2 weeks left with the company.
I feel kinda guilty about going to something like this, when I'm not going to be with the company for any length of time to use any of what I learn. Jeremy told me not to be stupid and go.... we'll see. He may actually want to go in the end.

The new job... which still isn't quite official, as I never heard back from the new boss regarding my contract which had a few things in it I wanted clarified today. Wonder.
Will give him a call tomorrow if I don't hear anything.
But.... I'm supposed to start on May 2nd, and I'm guessing will be in Wellington for a couple of days to get sorted out. Not sure about much, really. Excited though at the change!

John has been funny about it all. Super supportive, and encouraging, and at the same time... beginning to realise that he's going to be stuffed. He can't think of anyone to replace me... and in all honesty, neither can I. There is one girl at work - but I fear she and John would drive eachother NUTS within minutes.
Then of course there is the whole..... I don't want to give it up to someone that won't look after everyone. Scary stuff.

We'll see. At least I will be in to see John every month, which is cool. He'll be my number one customer! :)

Righty ho.... need to go and make some posters to find that perfect flatmate. Anyone wanna move here??? Gorgeous house... cool people.... perfect neighbourhood.... great coffee within blocks.... perfect Indian..... who could ask for more?


Monday, April 11, 2005

lights in the big city....

It was discovered over the weekend... Friday to be exact, reason number 124 for not liking, wanting of even considering the move to the big metropolis of Auckland.

People don't watch where they are going when they are driving!!!

it was crazy! (bold is stuck again... how does that keep happening?)

I flew up on Friday morning... pleasant enough flight.... arrived to have Erin pick me up, which was fantastic. We took off for her place, where Ellie and Josh were going to pop round and visit.
Was super cool to catch up with them both. They were over for Josh's sisters wedding. Sounds like England is all good, though they have plans to be back here in October, which is brilliant!
We lazed away the afternoon, before they had to run off and make a sheperds pie at the request of the bride, and we headed off to the local mall for me to get a card.
on our way to the mall, we were yaking away in the car, sitting at a red light, when someone ran into the back of us. we bounced forward into the car in front of us. Exciting stuff.... so much so, that we forgot what we were talking about. Unbelievably, the car that ploughed into us had hardly any damage, our car just had a broken light, and the mufler was bent abit, and the car in front of us was fine. the distance that the car bounced off of us was quite impressive... have decided that the Fiat must have a rubber bumper.... very cool stuff!
Downside... we both got whiplash... and my neck is really sore now. Went to see the physio this afternoon, and have a series of exercises to do before I go back tomorrow. Literally - such a pain in the neck!

So... have had today off... which was convienent as far as getting washing done, checking out jobs, and quietly going about the day.

Onto better things.....
Sarah and Shaun's wedding was BEAUTIFUL!!! she was a gorgeous bride and Shaun was super handsome.
It was just super gorgeous.

On top of that, I got to catch up with the long lost friends of Uni days. Was so cool!! We danced and yaked the night away, with great gusto. Rob was rather philisophical on the drive home, and I'm kinda bummed that I didn't get to catch up with him more. Will have to give him a call later this week to see how he's doing.

Funniest thing - besides the plane flight home on Sunday morning, was talking to Jackie about everyone that was there..... dancing with Jarrod.... after a while she asks me if there was any chance that this was Jarrod R. I just laughed. How on earth does she guess who it is - when I don't even click that they are both from Nelson - therefore didn't even mention where he was from... so out of all of NZ, she picks the guy from my description of his dancing!! what could that mean?

So.. jarrod is going to have to come down to visit me, and his long lost friend from school days gone.

So... all up... brilliant trip.

Will have to start thinking about my trip up towards the end of June. Erin and Bruce are looking at moving to the States in July, so would like to see them before they run off... and of course - check out my nephew by then! Tawhi. :)
Already running up to Wellington the beginning of June for a long weekend.

guess I'll have to see how the job thing works out.

better move it here.... pumpkin soup just waiting to be made. (HAHAHA... mike, wanna come round for dinner!!) Yummy!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

finding out....

Bundle of thoughts.... romping around in my head.

Went for a walk with Raewyn tonight. Managed to find ourselves amongst a huge number of police - huge for this part of Christchurch anyway. Aparently a house was pulled down today, and amongst the rubble they found a hand grinade. Just what you expect to stumble across in your house remains. So, the army bomb squad were on their way out to dispose of it? kinda funny... having a whole block closed off. The buses were having some problems.

I have a job interview tomorrow..... nerves hitting? Along with a migrain. Spent this morning in my office trying to convince myself not to be sick. Absolutely awful stuff! I went down stairs at one stage, and honestly - best way to describe it - someone had shot me in the head, and I couldn't stop myself from crying it hurt so much.
It eventually went away - while I was dealing with a client.... must have had me thinking too much? and I killed it?! Who knows.... unfortunately I can feel it just dwindling behind my eye again now. Need to get more sleep to fix it before tomorrow.

Bizzare stuff... really.

So, maybe tomorrow I'll have some good news. Just found out today that they are actually hiring people for this job to do the lower and upper North Island too, and there is apart of me that wants to jump at the opportunity to move up to Wellington. hahahaha... part of my that would like to stay - but adventure calls, along with a change of scene. Would Mike go mad having me around. Shane has already told me he would freak out and be convinced that I was a stalker. ohhhhhhhh... nutter!
BUT - could imagine the three of us figuring out the company thing... which Mike has been encouraging me about!
I so want to give it ago. But can't do it down here easily.


Aiming high, and thinking about brilliance..... opportunity!