Tuesday, April 26, 2005

last tuesday.....

So - the phoneless day was a dream... so far from reality!

I got to work after the morning at the course, which was really good. Watched some good ol'fish throwing at some fish shop in Seattle, which was inspiring - though hardly makes sense in this context. :)

Caught up with Benny last night. We went and caught a cute little French Canadian flick about some tiny fishing village that needed to convince a Dr to move there in order to get a factory built. It was gorgeous.
Was nice to just hang out with Ben, and hear what he's been upto, and what he wants to do with the rest of the year. :) I hadn't realised that it had been so long since I'd last seen him. AGES! Still.... that's the way it goes. He's heading back up for a med. course in a couple of weeks, and staying here - though he had nothing but horrible things to say about my snoring! I was super tired..... which is when I'm more likely than ever to snore away... but still. It wasn't like I did it on purpose! poor guy looked so tired when he called into my office this afternoon. So - guess we'll just leave the futon out in the living room, and not bother bringing it into my room.... he'll just have to get used to the fridge making noise, and being woken up early by me. :) It's only a week - and I may be out of town for some of the week anyway.

I haven't heard anything from the new boss.... maybe tomorrow. Would be nice to know whether he wants me down here, or up in Wellington before next week. Wait and see. They did the internal email advertising my job today. they are actually thinking about the job description this time round, and getting the contract organised. wohoooo... still... I'm actually kind of worried about the person that will be taking over my job. That - and super protective of my clients. I want to know that they will be looked after alright!
Doesn't look like I'll get any time to show them the ropes - John will have to do it all. I just need to get my office organised, and all my stuff out of there.

I am still kind of sad about leaving. Had to tell a few more of my clients that I was leaving today. Nice to know I'll be missed... for a few days. :)

Anyway.... another late night... more snooring... no wonder I wake up so tired. yawned all through this morning and tonights lectures.
And I have band tomorrow.


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