Monday, April 11, 2005

lights in the big city....

It was discovered over the weekend... Friday to be exact, reason number 124 for not liking, wanting of even considering the move to the big metropolis of Auckland.

People don't watch where they are going when they are driving!!!

it was crazy! (bold is stuck again... how does that keep happening?)

I flew up on Friday morning... pleasant enough flight.... arrived to have Erin pick me up, which was fantastic. We took off for her place, where Ellie and Josh were going to pop round and visit.
Was super cool to catch up with them both. They were over for Josh's sisters wedding. Sounds like England is all good, though they have plans to be back here in October, which is brilliant!
We lazed away the afternoon, before they had to run off and make a sheperds pie at the request of the bride, and we headed off to the local mall for me to get a card.
on our way to the mall, we were yaking away in the car, sitting at a red light, when someone ran into the back of us. we bounced forward into the car in front of us. Exciting stuff.... so much so, that we forgot what we were talking about. Unbelievably, the car that ploughed into us had hardly any damage, our car just had a broken light, and the mufler was bent abit, and the car in front of us was fine. the distance that the car bounced off of us was quite impressive... have decided that the Fiat must have a rubber bumper.... very cool stuff!
Downside... we both got whiplash... and my neck is really sore now. Went to see the physio this afternoon, and have a series of exercises to do before I go back tomorrow. Literally - such a pain in the neck!

So... have had today off... which was convienent as far as getting washing done, checking out jobs, and quietly going about the day.

Onto better things.....
Sarah and Shaun's wedding was BEAUTIFUL!!! she was a gorgeous bride and Shaun was super handsome.
It was just super gorgeous.

On top of that, I got to catch up with the long lost friends of Uni days. Was so cool!! We danced and yaked the night away, with great gusto. Rob was rather philisophical on the drive home, and I'm kinda bummed that I didn't get to catch up with him more. Will have to give him a call later this week to see how he's doing.

Funniest thing - besides the plane flight home on Sunday morning, was talking to Jackie about everyone that was there..... dancing with Jarrod.... after a while she asks me if there was any chance that this was Jarrod R. I just laughed. How on earth does she guess who it is - when I don't even click that they are both from Nelson - therefore didn't even mention where he was from... so out of all of NZ, she picks the guy from my description of his dancing!! what could that mean?

So.. jarrod is going to have to come down to visit me, and his long lost friend from school days gone.

So... all up... brilliant trip.

Will have to start thinking about my trip up towards the end of June. Erin and Bruce are looking at moving to the States in July, so would like to see them before they run off... and of course - check out my nephew by then! Tawhi. :)
Already running up to Wellington the beginning of June for a long weekend.

guess I'll have to see how the job thing works out.

better move it here.... pumpkin soup just waiting to be made. (HAHAHA... mike, wanna come round for dinner!!) Yummy!

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