Friday, August 11, 2006


So - the job.

I'm now a rep for an electrical cable company.

Can you get any further away from kitchenware?
I think not.

I've had just over a week working there, and while the first week left me feeling more life a fish out of water than anything else. This week, I did a few trips, and got to see some of the new scenery - which was great! and I guess just began to get my head around what i was supposed to be doing.

We deal with three types of cable - House, Marine and Auto.... so, i get to go around to all the Marine places, all the contractors and electricans. Makes for alot of variety - but also for alot of learning!
I'm beginning to understand the marine and auto side of things - but when I've had to talk to the contractors... yeah, no idea. And I'm trying so hard not to have that blank look on my face. Sometimes I probably pull it off too well, and that just makes it all a whole lot worse.

Anyway... I'm surviving, and enjoying the new challenges, and so looking forward to God showing me where this is going to go. Right now, the picture is just a little sketchy.

happy weekend to all.
And Mr Ed - hope you are having a fantastic holiday! Where are you????

Sunday, August 06, 2006

New Beginnings.....

(picture of mother and daughter. My two girls; left Tui's Love Song and JMF Beam Song on her 21st. (paddock name is Tui and she's our foundation mare from canada)

I still haven't unpacked my computer.....

I'm still living off of the floor... at least, for the most part - which sounds worse than i think it is, although... bring on the day when I can unpack my clothes and get them out of drawers and not pick through things on the floor. hehehe.

I have found a job.....

I have met some people.....

I have stopped sneezing......

It is still raining......

I am loving my family.....

And, God is, as always so good!
(Our pastor would always say... God is good all the time and all the time God is good!)

This was officially my first weekend. After starting the job on Wednesday, a nice day to begin a working week, I must say. And I got my haircut, and went to a party on Saturday night.
Yes... life is really beginning to swing along now.

I'll have to post about the job in another one, so I don't loose people here. It is pretty funny.

Hope the weekend has been joyous!

Arohanui. xx