Saturday, August 21, 2010


I had a wonderful holiday with one of my best friends and then got to spend a week with my brother and sister in law.

Talk about so spoiled and blessed. I'd spent almost two months searching for a job, sending out so many applications and hearing very little back. I'd had a few interviews, but certainly nothing to get excited about. Of course, I never doubt that we learn from these experiences, but I'd reached a point where I just need to be around some people who loved me for me and I didn't have to try and explain who I was any more.

So, while it did kind of feel irresponsible to do it - it was something that I desperately needed to - so I went on a road trip with a couple of friends who just happened to be heading that way.... it was wonderful to see them too, and was pretty much the only way we would have caught up. :)

To top it off, the trip was timed with two birthdays - so honestly, it was just meant to be! I think really, as much for me as for the girls. :) God does manage to orchestrate things so beautifully.

So - after two weeks of R&R I arrived back here to job interviews. In fact, this week has been exhausting, but so great! I've never worked so hard for an interview before. The recruitment agent that I've been working with for one of the jobs has been an absolute gem and I've learnt so much.

Amazingly all the jobs are in the electrical industry - and each one different from the other.
I had to laugh.

So - word at the end of the week.... I'm through to the next interview for two of the jobs, which is exciting. But I won't get really excited until I have a job offer in front of me. Praying that it happens next week!!! Although around here, nothing seems to happen quickly. But I'm sure hopeful!

Then I can excited about what happens next.... like finding somewhere to live and getting a car. :) That's an experience all on its own. he he.

Yes - I'm being pruned in a big way, and in the end the fruit will make it all worth while.