Friday, June 29, 2007


So I'm all moved......
that is to say that I'm living in the house with boxes all around me.

I'm driving down to a cute little town tomorrow to pick up the vital fridge and washing machine, which should be quite fun - considering all the snow that is on the roads at the moment. I've managed to convince a friend to come and keep me company. Strangely for the first time I really didn't want to go on this drive on my own. I think more because if something happened, I really wouldn't be able to lift a fridge on my own. ;)
Sure, I'd like to think I could deal with it - but my stuborness ends with fridges.

I'm gutted that I haven't taken any photos before things have started to happen!
Hopefully the rain will have gone by Sunday, and I can get snap happy so that I've got a record of what's happened to the abode. The things that have been done have made a huge difference so far though.... The picture is starting to take shape and I'm getting excited.

A long way to go though!

Other than the house, life is ambling along.

Feeling rather shallow still..... questioning things.... and where I need to go.... how my relationships need to change and be worked on.

I need to make more time for God.

Sunbeams and daisies.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

long time coming.....

The packing has begun.
The boxes are being gathered.
The "stuff" is being sorted.

Here we go again!

Actually... I just sold my beloved little car; Molly, so this is really happening.

In saying that, I also just bought a fridge, washing machine, dryer, microwave and vacuum... so while I'm getting rid of things, I'm gaining rapidly too.

I move into the house over in Morrinsville on Friday for operation DO UP. The plan - to do up the house and sell it all before Dec 11th, which is cut off date for flights to somewhere far far away. :)

Yes... I'm on a mission, and I'm gaining painters and builders as I go.

I'll be snaping pics on Sunday when I get back from Auckland for a reunion of wild and crazy university friends. Hopefully I'll be all unpacked come Sunday too. Though I don't get all the nitty gritty things for another week. (Big trip south for all of those things)

It's all madness and mayhem, and I'm trying to soak up the views from the farm while I can. I'll be 30 mins away, which is nothing - but I don't imagine I'll have alot of time for much else besides the house.

It's a new season.

Bring it on!

Thought for this new season....

if it doesn't scare you, it isn't from God!


Sunday, June 17, 2007


Bridesmaid flowers....

Raewyn - after the ceremony....

I didn't really get the chance to catch up with her - but it was a gorgeous ceremony, and I guess I'll have to try and get down there again before too long.

The building where they had the ceremony was stunning.... the old court room of Christchurch, with stainglass windows, cool old fire places, big old room with a balcony.

Friday, June 15, 2007

starting from way back......

Tawhai turned 2 last month - so we celebrated at the zoo. This would have to be a super typical Tawhai face! :)

Poor little guy had a black eye from a fall a few days before. Still - he was all smiles on the day.

And luck last - Tawh's favourite - Boom, the Chimp.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I had a lovely surprise call tonight......

and the question that was asked was what was really on my mind.

Everything that I could think of was quite superficial.

~ job
~ Canada
~ house
~ trip

I could prattle on about that sort of thing for ages, and to pretty much anyone about these things.
But the bigger things... the bigger thoughts, I tend to keep to myself these days.

I had moments while I was down south where I got to spill my heart felt thoughts, my fears, my excitement - but up here it's all quite different, and I think I've just learnt to keep it to myself.

Not a good thing to learn about oneself.

I'm quietly reminded about being transparent.....


Saturday, June 02, 2007


I've just finished packing. :)

Yes.... I'm off again.

Dirivng up to Auckland tonight to see some friends who had a baby ages ago who I haven't met yet. Looking forward to catching up with them. Then early tomorrow morning I jump on a great jet and wing my way down to Christchurch.


I've got the week off to catch up with friends and go to a wedding on Friday. I'm so looking forward to it all. Really need the break from work - though I still have work to do while I'm gone. The joys of email. But a change of scene will be bliss.

That... and the cooler weather, the friends, the coffee. hehehehe.

On the way to Auckland now, I've got to stop and get a photo taken. Not so great - but, it is, because it's for my new canadian passport!

Exciting stuff.

The first step to things happening.

Oh - there is so much going on right now I hardly know what to write or where to start.

For now... I'd just better get out of here, and get to Auckland before it gets much later.

I need to find a baby present along the way. hehehehe. Badly organised!

Photos to follow....

Much love, xxx