Friday, June 29, 2007


So I'm all moved......
that is to say that I'm living in the house with boxes all around me.

I'm driving down to a cute little town tomorrow to pick up the vital fridge and washing machine, which should be quite fun - considering all the snow that is on the roads at the moment. I've managed to convince a friend to come and keep me company. Strangely for the first time I really didn't want to go on this drive on my own. I think more because if something happened, I really wouldn't be able to lift a fridge on my own. ;)
Sure, I'd like to think I could deal with it - but my stuborness ends with fridges.

I'm gutted that I haven't taken any photos before things have started to happen!
Hopefully the rain will have gone by Sunday, and I can get snap happy so that I've got a record of what's happened to the abode. The things that have been done have made a huge difference so far though.... The picture is starting to take shape and I'm getting excited.

A long way to go though!

Other than the house, life is ambling along.

Feeling rather shallow still..... questioning things.... and where I need to go.... how my relationships need to change and be worked on.

I need to make more time for God.

Sunbeams and daisies.


Neo said...
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mreddie said...

So glad that progress is being made and I'll be waiting for the photos. ec

Using up the words.... said...

Thanks guys!

The boxes are slowly being moved - not always productive to just throw things into the garage. hehehe.
I picked up the camera yesterday, and just signed the computer up - so there is hope of photos! :)