Thursday, October 27, 2005

homeward bound....

Almost finished packing.... and it's almost pumpkin time here. ARHG. I went out for dinner with Ains tonight... since she'll be left her on her own while both Jackie and I are away. Figured it would be nice to hang out for abit. Alas, I've still got work to finish. I guess it's a good thing I've got a few hours to kill in Nelson where I can plod away with it there.

Got home and realised I had to go and pick up something for my dad, and then still plant some seedlings so they had a better chance of surviving while I was away. Very silly planting tomato plants in the dark. Hopfully they'll all still be alive when I get home, and then I can move them if I have to. I know, not very organised of me.
(silly cj!)

I have no idea if I've got everything that I need. Keep feeling as though I'm forgetting something quite important. Not a good feeling. I think it's more because I've got lots of "things" that I need to take up - presents. More than it's clothes. Finally figured out what I'll wear... OH... must pack hairdryer. See, all the little things! hehe.

So... shall leave you all to it. Will return with bundles of pics to torture you all with. Prepare yourselves!

This one suits today.....

"How did it get so late so soon?
It's night before it's afternoon.
December is here before it's June.
My goodness how the time has flown.
How did it get to be so late so soon?" Dr Seuss ~ wisdom at it's best.

Here you have it - my "North" trip in Black, and my "South" Trip in Red. South involves way more driving. Friday is from Arrowtown, just outside of Queenstown, all the way home thru Wanaka, Cromwell, and up thru Lake Tekapo. Awesome Scenery though! Posted by Picasa


About to head off and make pancakes for breakfast, and dig out the old faithful Canadian Maple Syrup. :) YAY!! What a great way to start the day. A friend of mine got it for me for my birthday, and I've hardly used any. Today is the day to really break it out, with some great coffee. I'm going to have a busy day, but hey, if I start it well... I'm sure it's going to be a great one. (Have the sound of Tony the Tiger in my head there saying "They're G-R-E-A-T!" which is bizarre, since we don't have tony the tiger here in NZ!! Or frosted flakes for that matter!)

Anyway.... on that note......

Off to make a mess in the kitchen!

Hope everyone is having a great day, and things are getting better in Florida. What is it with people not looking after eachother?? I know there will be some great stories to come out in the end though.

OH.... one day to go before I fly up to see the family. Did I mention how much I'm looking forward to this?? huh? did I? Just in case I didn't....... Wahooooooooooo!!! On that note... I had better actually practice the reading I'm doing on the day, and figure out what I'm going to wear. Dramas, I tell you!

"Circustances are the rulers of the weak, they are but the instruments of the wise."

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tui's Love Song.  Posted by Picasa

This is my baby.... she's the first foal from my mare Love Song. Haven't spent any time with her at all.... aparently she's quite shy in comparison to any of my others. Will have to play with her while I'm home. Or at least win her over with some carrots. Posted by Picasa


kinda awake here.... kinda!

have had my coffee, which obviously hasn't quite kicked in yet, and a chocolate croissant, which I must say.... wasn't as good as it looked!

and I guess I need to face reality.
That I have a whole lot to get done today, and little motivation to get there. HEHE

Most exciting. Getting pics developed! :) Yes.... I'm looking forward to seeing all these ones in the real fleshy state! And maybe, even framing some of them? Actually, I'd really like to get them enlarged and mounted. Have a couple of cafes in mind for some of them to go to. Am I brave enough to offer my stuff.... the fear of rejection kind of kicks my butt here! Maybe I'll wait until my aunt gets her cafe up and going... sometime next year. hehe. Then I'll have more to choose from too.

For now... gotta get the card cleared for the wedding.. pre, post, Tawhai! I think I've lost the plot when it comes to that gorgeous boy.

Can't wait!!! Icing on the cake... chilling out with my horse!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

getting caught up...

Do you ever find that you are getting more and more caught up in what the world throws at you, and tells you is important?

I hate that!

Went and had coffee tonight with Erin who is taking off for 6 months to go and work on one of the "walks" down south. Will miss not having her around all that time. She's been asked to be bridesmaid for Bethany in the States in July which is super exciting. I've warned that I'm thinking about gate crashing the event! Watch out people.... here I come......
Was a real mixed botch of people... but nice to just sit and chat with many of them and hear what's been going on for them. Students still finishing exams, studying hard. Poor people. Funny to know that I've left that world behind me....


I'm sorry... brain is darting again tonight. I've been getting very distracted today. It was somewhat productive work wise. Actually lay down on my bed around 6 and fell totally asleep. It wasn't until the phone rang that I woke up, around 6:30. Bliss.

Enough random banter from me.

I'll try and get the brain thing sorted tomorrow, and actually write what's running through it. All far too complicated for me to comprehend - obviously.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." Albert, the man!

I really like that one! :)

Monday, October 24, 2005

grumpy kinda sunshiney day...

I know it sounds like a contradiction in terms, and shouldn't really be allowed to happen. I fully agree.....
And yet, here I am.

It's been a super busy, whirlwind kind of weekend catching up with people, and life in general. The consequences of having 2 full weeks away. I get so tired. My last night away was one of tossing and turning fiasco... shouldn't complain, because it was also the night of the awesome sunset. Maybe I was still just in awe of it all?!

Got home to an empty house, which was probably just as well. Benny ended up staying the night, which was funny, as always. Means that we do tend to stay up and yak later than we should. We eventually got up the next morning..... aparently I didn't snore, but laughed away the night instead. Must be totally insane!

Jackie ended up coming up to the cup with us... and woweeee... haven't laughed so much in ages. Poor ben suddenly figured out why he was allowed to come and stay at out house.... yes.... because he's such a boy, and no threat at all..... no seriously. It's because he's one of the people who is silly enough to keep me sane.
He's taken off for 5 weeks of solid work touring around - so I guess I'll see him after that, and will no doubt be in dire need of more silliness.
I've always been a firm believer of needing crazy in my life to keep me sane. :)

In some ways - the coolest thing was we all went our seperate ways after a long, drawn out breakfast. Ben was heading off to bike with a friend, Jackie was going to run some errands, and I had shopping to do for the dinner party that night.
I love having that freedom. That you can have such a great time with friends, but also have the freedom to go do your own thing.... knowing you'd catch up later. Does that make sense?

I was on a mission to make pasta with the new pasta maker... wohooooo!! What a labour of love that turned out to be! My goodness!
Took me two hours to get it done, and in the end - because I didn't have a hanger for it all.... it was all glumped together again! CLASSIC!
I was making the sauce at the same time, which was super yummy..... so that was all taken care of, and people were bringing things to make a salad.

In the end I had to start making the pasta again.... a few friends turned up, and in typical CJ fashion, everyone was involved in the making of dinner. It was a beautiful thing - and I just giggled away. I know that it would freak out so many people to have that kind of chaos, but I was always reknown for having that kind of thing going on when I invited around people for dinner. It was all so beautiful, real, and ME! I always figured it was a great way for people to get involved, get to know people they didn't know, and just be real with eachother. (You've all been warned if you ever make it this way for dinner!!!)

Ended up just being a hillarious night. There were 13 of us altogether....and what a mixed bunch. All such dear friends, and many that I haven't seen much of in ages. Lives all going in different directions, which I sometimes struggle with. I want to grasp onto the friendships, and the way they were... but times and seasons change. I guess I get to cherish what was, and look forward to the new friendships, and the way they are growing and becoming more to me now. It's exciting.

We played articulate in groups... which was chaos. So many funny, crazy moments! Decided we should have a google party sometime... I'm thinking everyone should have to google a recipe, and we have to bring the item for a pot luck. :) We'll see.... a few of us are all about random bits of information as well though.

Ben and I ended up staying up later... yaking again. I was so glad he was there for dinner, and got to meet these friends of mine. I knew that he would hit it off with T.... and he'd kind of realise, actually... for a bunch of christians - we are mad! :) and not so bad to hang out with.

Aparently I spent the night giggling away again, which is bizarre, because I woke up crying again. Yeah explain that one... waking up with this super heavy and sorrofull feeling. There is no other way to describe it.
Of course, trying to explain what I'm feeling and why to ben that morning was difficult, when I don't get it myself! He just listened to my babble on.. trying to work it out in my own head. It's such a horrible feeling....

We managed to get up early enough to make scrambled eggs before I had to dash off to church. Moving normally helps to find a sense of normalty, and one of being. It's too easy to let the emotions totally consume me.... and then I'm out of it for the rest of the day.

As it turned out we had a pastor over from Australia who was WOW. All about walking out your destiny, and not letting any "lameness" come into our lives, and stop us from staying on track. It was great... moving... thought provoking... and what I needed!

I left in abit of a hurry.. as I'd told Ben I would be home around 11:30...but in the rush, as I was about to drive off I spoted a kid from church sprinting down the street. Figured I better go see if he needed a ride. Rob, who is 17, is such a great kid! We've had lots of great conversations, and he's so passionate, and alive. Anyway... he was running late for work, so I was able to give him a ride home. The relief he had was huge. You know.... I have to remind myself how the simple things to us, can in fact, be so huge for the other person. It didn't take anything for me to drive to his house, but it made a huge difference to the rest of his day.

The same thing kind of happened while I was driving home from the West Coast. I normally pick up hitch hikers when I'm driving around. i actually feel guilty about having an empty car (well, except for all my samples) So I pick them up when I don't have too many stops to make. Anyway... was driving through Arthurs Pass.. music blaring away... me singing away to Bethany Dillon... thinking about the week, and just kind of zooming in my own world. I drove past some hitch hikers, and just thought... nah... I'm enjoying my space, enjoying listening to my own music, and plus - I'd have to clean up my mess!
I got down the road where I wanted to take a couple of pics.... and it looked like it was going to rain, and I realised how damn selfish I was being. Totally and utterly. I quickly tried to clean up my mess so there would be room for anyone to sit in the back seat and drove back...
I found them and asked if I could give them a ride somewhere....
They were again... beyond relieved!
Two girls had managed to get a ride, and were going to pick up one of the cars and then drive back to get these two. BUT... it would be so much easier for me to take them both to get the other car. They had just finished a 3 days tramp and were exhausted, and cold. We loaded up everything into the car, and I probably drove a whole 10 - 20 ks down the road. What a HUGE deal, NOT! What a huge part of my day it consumed, and what a huge sacrifice I had to make.

BOY... did I need a kick up the bum for my attitude!

I almost missed out on an opportunity to show how friendly kiwi's can be(or Canadians in disguise for that matter) and give them two from Israel a break. It was a chance for me to give someone some time, and a blessing.... and what a joy it is to be able to bless someone!

I guess I'm learning the leason this weekend.

I can't live a selfish life, and it's so easy to just slip into the ME mode, not looking at the real picture.

On that note.... after such a long prattle.....

I'm off to go pick up some more pots to plant some more flowers. I'm determined to spruce up the back yard. Even got some vegie plants the other day. need to plant those as well. You should see the basilets. :) Growing with gumption! Planted some other seeds today.... cosmos, wildflower mix... oh and I need to plant the sunflower seeds too.

YAY.... feeling better now. :)

Better get out there and enjoy the sunbeams while they are there.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does!" William James.

Friday, October 21, 2005

home sweet....

OK... so I was curious to see how the pics turned out more than I was to write.

I thought some of them were pretty good. Will upload the rest of them over the weekend, so you can go look if you so desire. Going to try out Flikr I think though... so bare with me as I change everything around AGAIN.

Had some pretty stunning days away with the weather. Absolutely gorgeous. Almost too hot for me though. Got abit of sun, and have since broken out in a rash. Guess I really am not made for the HOT weather we get here, which is still pretty mild. Not sure what the deal is? Luckily it's only on my arms. I still enjoyed the sun beams though!

As far as work went, I actually had a pretty good time away. Some interesting moments, some break throughs with clients, and some just blah moments. You get those though. No word on the Wellington deal. My boss zoomed off to China the other day - so that one will be waiting till next month i guess. I can handle that. Gives me time to get my head around what I'm wanting, and where I want to go.

Got home to a broken window in the kitchen. Aparently a rugby ball was too blame. Unfortunately no kids came to own up to their little mess. I haven't seen the landlord yet, but couldn't find the rugby ball, so I'm guessing he's been round, and perhaps went to the school to see what's going on. Ain's must have had fun while we were away.

Ahhhhhh..... my little seedlings are looking super spunky!!! Baslets, as I call them. (Basil seedlings for amounts of pesto I hope!)
Will have to plant the sunflower seeds this weekend. YAY for a long weekend!

No super huge thoughts at the moment. brain has gone into holiday mode before me I think. Totally zonked, and no food in the house... wondering about just crawling into bed and forgetting about all that. Except Ben may be coming round? He invited me out to dinner.... crafty little man then tells me they are wanting something spicy. I just laughed. He twigged eventually, so it was the joke that he didn't really want me to come along anyway! Subtle hints and all that.

Will try and be a little better tomorrow. Will at least be playing with the pics before I get into the pasta making for tomorrow night. :) Looking forward to social stuff!

Hope everyone has had a super week... relaxing weekend ahead.

"One of the best temporary cures for pride and affection is seasickness; a man who wants to vomit never puts on airs."

Outside of Kaikoura Posted by Picasa

Nelson  Posted by Picasa

One of the characters I met along my travels. A kea.... reknown for being beyond cheeky! They like to pinch bits off of cars! Posted by Picasa

how is that for a show!!! Posted by Picasa

the mountains....playing with the cloud  Posted by Picasa

and this... Posted by Picasa

to this Posted by Picasa

to this.... Posted by Picasa

This is how it all started - Thursday night in Greymouth Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 17, 2005

leaving on a jet plane....

I wish!

My stomach is in flip flop central.... and I need to get into my car and zoom... NOW!
Crazy when my first apt. is at 2 this afternoon. hehehe. Why do I love this job again?

So.... I will find out about the Wellington thing later this week by the sounds of things. Talked to my boss last night to tell him where I was at as far as the job and living down here. Good move or bad, I'm not sure - but I guess I'll find out soon enough.

This is where the whole... be anxious for nothing springs to mind, and I realise how faithless I feel sometimes. I'll end up exactly where I'm supposed to be, and I need to trust in that.

So... hope everyone has a blast this week! I should come back with some more pictures. I managed to get some of them downloaded into the pics link. Going to look into Flikr when I get back. Looks like a much nicer set up!

tata for now.

"Accept that all of us can be hurt, that all of us can - and surely will at times - fail. Other vulnerabilities, like being embarrased or risking love, can be terrifying too. I think we should follow a simple rule. If we can take the worst, take the risk!" Dr Joyce Brothers

Saturday, October 15, 2005

home again - jigidy jig

About to go shower and then run up the hill for my morning away. Action packed day with people... and while Ains did say she wanted to come up with me... there has been no sign of her yet this morning, and I'm ready to bolt.
Off to a BBQ lunch at a friends parents place. Should be interesting. haha. And then University end of year fancy dinner. Want to go along and catch up with people before they all take off for the summer. Will be nice to just head along and hear what's been going on with the campus group over the year too! I'm bummed that I haven't been able to be more involved.
Just uploaded some pics of the latest trip around. Will put the rest of them up on the link later - though probably won't happen till tomorrow.
Head away again on Monday, so I'm sure I'll catch some more then.
Meanwhile... of all the pics - the most important was the one for Tabby! hehe. I laughed outloud when I saw it. Shame it was closed, otherwise I would have dashed in to look for a hobbit for you. I thought it was cute anyway.
While I was staying in Dunedin I actually got to talk to Shane.... amazingly long and heartfelt conversation. I didn't sleep afterwards, with my brain thinking through all that was said. It was good though. Now... it would seem I'm going to be held accountable to him for some of the things that were talked about. You know that whole so good, and yet, so bad kind of situation! hehe. Oh well. He's still thinking about heading down here Labour weekend - but lets face it, how long have I been waiting for him to get down here?! Silly boy!

Right.... I'll get back to this later.

Cloudy and murky day here..... hope the sun is on out on the other side!


GRAFFITI - New Zealand style. Posted by Picasa

One of the old sod cottages you drive past on the way to Alexandra.  Posted by Picasa

Sunset up on Signal Hill. Was met by some shooters, who were closng the road. I must have whinned in just the right tone, because they gave me 10 mins to get to the top to get some photos before they started shooting possums. Posted by Picasa

Anglican Cathedral in the Octagen - centre of Dunedin. Funnily, not the first cathedral to be built in Dunedin, but somehow ended up in the centre.  Posted by Picasa

Especially for miss tabby! A store on the main street of Dunedin.  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 09, 2005

so long, farewell....

So, I haven't packed..... and I leave tomorrow!

Actually, got the coolest surprise tonight. My friend benny called to say he was in Christchurch, could he crash. Just home from Mexican - yummy! Totally stuffed, and zonked, so will be quick.

Head into the deep South tomorrow.... Hit Ahsburton, Timaru, Oamaru and then Dunedin. It's only 5 hours to get to Dunedin - driving straight thru, but with all my stops - will get there around 6pm. Fun stuff!

So... shall look forward to catching up on everything when I get back!
Tabby - any news on Windy Wellington? Let me know so I can book tickets up there to catch up with you. (though maybe it would be better to get you down here to tiki tour around the LOTR country?! :) )
Jay - I'd started writing a long email to you, and then ben jumped on the computer, and it all vanished. I promise to fill you in when I get back.

Right... sleeeeeeep....

Be super Blessed guy! (and no big mischief while I'm gone)

"Life is under no obligation to give us what we expect!"
Margaret Mitchell


Need the theme from jaws here I think..... Da dum da dum dadumdadumdadumdadum.....

I know I shouldn't use the excuse of PMS as a justifiable one, but I don't know what else could possibly put me into such a spin. (well, maybe I could... but I think that's all totally beside the issue at hand!) Maybe this is where Gods grace is really put to work?! ;)

I've been putting off, and putting off going to the doctors and being poked and proded for the sake of my sanity, and perhaps those around me - simply because while I do want to have the answers, I don't at the same time. The last round of tests didn't really bring up anything conclussive, and while things are getting worse, maybe it is all in my head?

It's been an especially draining week with the boss, and I guess emotions have been high with the wedding stuff, and the aniversary of both of my grandmothers death and of course PMS!! I find it hard to believe that granny died 10 years ago now. Time has flown. I've been back in NZ almost 6 years now, which is hard to believe. Kentucky feels like it was just the other day in many ways. Of course I'm remembering less, and struggling to keep in touch with friends from those days. I've been trying to find one friend who kind of dissapeared after a somewhat stressful visit that he made out to San Fran to stay before I came back here. I regret not getting to spend more relaxed time with just him.... and more than that, I hate the fact that I can't seem to find him again now. Last heard - he's a traveling doctor in New Mexico. Not terribly helpful. hehe. I know, when I'm supposed to find him, he'll write to me, and I'll get to catch up on the last few years. I'm pretty sure we'd be able to slide back into the friendship we had. Who knows.

So... the PMS has helped to keep me off balance - being upset about not being able to find Sean, taking things very seriously with other people, and just being as tactless as is imagineable. It's like the rational part of my brain gets closed down this time of month, or all the little rational thinkers that help to keep me moving and thinking more clearly have taken off for a long weekend.... and the only thing that I know that works properly are my tear glands. They get tested all too often, and my stomach cramps are as reliable and consistent as the rising sun.


And now... it's 1:30 Sunday morning. What am I doing awake???????

Hope everyone else is having a beautiful weekend and that the sun is shining between your toes!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

OK... so here's the deal. This was the ring that was given to me many years ago.... I've been holding onto it, I guess in fear that I would never get another one. Silly, I know... but it is still a fear in the back of my head. Now, how can I expect to get another one, when I'm holding on this one?! hehe. So.. going to put this one up for auction on a site here in NZ. The trick - I would love some help in coming up with the perfect caption to go with it! :) Any ideas... let me know!  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 06, 2005


about to slip off to bed, to sleep hard. My back is all achey (is that a real word?) and my hands are cold. hehe. So much for spring!

So... one more day with my new boss. Tomorrow should be a little easier than the last two days, though in all honesty - how hard can it be when I get to drive over to Akaroa for the day. Gorgeous sunshine, sea breeze, salt in the air, and just beautiful old buildings. OH... and lunch outside in the sunshine with the seagauls screaming. It was like summer. Picture perfect, and guess who left the camera at home! NEXT TIME!

Now... to catch people up. I've been in my new job since May. Completely new world for me, as far as the travel, and having to actually step out of my little world, and into the world of selling outside of my office. Where people don't always want to know you. I've always lived by the philosophy that sales in primarily about relationships, and I view my role as being that of a problem solver. I'm going out there to build a rapport with my clients, to understand what they are buying, what their customers are buying, and where I can help them out. They need something - I want to be able to help them find it. :) That's pretty much it.

So... I jumped into this with gusto, and perhaps a little bit of tripadation (I'm sure Mike would just say that I was SCARED!) I arrived at the head office in Wellington to meet everyone at the office, and get the BIG inroduction. It was a moment to say the least.
I arrived to find that the guy who had hired me, my "boss" had just resigned.

Hmmmmm... not really what I wanted to hear, at all! I had come on board with the understanding that I would be given the support that i would need in this new role - not only for me, but for the company as well. They were heading in a new direction, but the guy leading us had just jumped ship.
Small freak out time!

Anyway.... they send me back to Christchurch where I'm told to pick up my car, and start making calls! Steep learning curves seem to be my friends. :)
New boss Michael steps in. We're told it's not a permanent situation, but he'll be around until Christmas. He comes down to visit me, and I fly up to Wellington a couple of times.... things are going somewhere, though not quickly, and I'm feeling rather alone down here, but at least I know he's in Wellington and will try to solve my problems.

Next minute - I've re-arranged my life for him to come down and do a trip up north , and I get a call on the Monday before he comes down to say I'm leaving. My last day is the .... and this guy in Auckland is replacing me.

Now... I've travelled alot on my own, I'm rather independent, and perfectly capable of dealing with crazy situations, and stress.
BUT... I'd left a job that I loved but in all honesty did not offer alot of stability. I was rather hoping that while this job would be challenging, that it would not also include having 3 different bosses in less than 6 months!

This brings me to this week. I've changed my schedule around again so I could spend this week in Christchurch and meet the new boss who lives in Auckland. Abit more than the skip away that Wellington was, but at least this means that the other girl will have more support, which is brilliant!

Now... new boss is lovely. I've spent two really good days with him. I've vented, and explained the situation I'm in, the problems that I've had, and the way that I've been dealing with things, and I think???? that he understands and can see where I'm coming from. AND>.... he's even on the same page. :)
I'm sure this is all going to be a huge learning curve for him, but he's been in this business for a long time, and he seems to have a pretty good grasp on how we can move forward and actually get to the results we are all hoping and aiming for.
It's kind of exciting really.

No word on the Wellington thing yet.... (I'll explain all that tomorrow)

For now.... it's past my bed time.... cause I must be getting older now.

I hope I didn't just sound like a serious whine then. There are so many aspects of this job that I do love, and I know I'm super blessed to have the opportunity to be growing in this way.... to be learning, and be given as much space as I've got - which is what I seem to do well with. I just know that we'd be capable of so much more with a few things sorted out now. :)

"It's the action, not the fruit of the action that's important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time that there will be any fruit. BUT, that doesn't mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action, but if you do nothing, there will be No result."

faster than a speeding......

So, I've survived the first day, and about to stumble into the second with my new boss.
I was even brave enough to invite him round for dinner last night, since I had T&E and my cousin - who kinda got distracted somewhere along the way, as did his wife. Bizarre, but another story.

Anyway... new boss is ALL GOOD! :) At least, he understands where I'm coming from, and how difficult I'm finding it all, and WHY! yay. We'll see what happens from here. No mention of Wellington yet. I guess maybe today or tomorrow? I'm going to drag him over to Akaroa today - the sun is out, after amazing winds all of yesterday. So, gotta make the most of it!

Who knows what we'll do tomorrow?

For now... gotta dash.

"Where these is great love, there are always miracles."

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

sunbeams with scattered rainbows

Just home... another load of laundry done, and the work is slowly being done.

I tried super hard to be all productive like last night.... watching some doco on penguins, while flicking through price lists, and putting together client details. It was all going quite well.... when I got a phone call on my cell.

"hello... is this christina?"
"yes... this is christina."
"christy, this is emily."
"emily... what are you doing? where are you? what are you doing?"
"actually... sam and i need a bed tonight.... can we come?"

Sooooooo..... an hour later, my cousin emily and her boyfriend sam rocked on up.

YAY! Hadn't seen them since christmas time - where sam really was initiated into the family scene. :) Of course, there ended any hope of me getting a serious amount of work done. haha.

Got to hear about their travels, and the crazy snow in Alexandra where they've been shearing. Sounded like a great time, really! :)

This morning.... we tried to get up early... at least, I did stumble out of bed before 8 - which isn't the easiest thing for me now with this silly daylight savings. hehehe. Actually, Sam and I are both of the opinion that it really is silly, and messed with us way too much to make it worth while. who needs more daylight hours anyway? GET UP EARLIER if you want more daylight!! ;)
Go play tennis before work.... do your gradening in the dark so that everything gets more creative......

Doesn't that all sound like a far better plan.....

We went and had breakfast on the hill. It was a beautiful morning... though the alps still seemed to be covered in cloud.... Emily has a dinky little telescope that she uses when she's out doing the lambing... and just happened to have with her while we were up there. cute stuff.
they're thinking of buying some land, which would be awesome.... little 10acre section, with the possible option of being able to lease the farm next door.... so I guess this is the beginning of the next generation of farmers in the family. I think Emily is probably the only serious one in that family - though I don't know what James will do. And I'm the only one in our family. Though our farm is nothing in comparison to that one. sheeps and lambs galour... along with the awesome caves. and it looks like the cafe thing is going to happen, which is very cool!
Mayeb we need to do the backpacker thing out there instead?
Although I think that was a thought at some stage, and it caused major chaos with the council when they went for planning consent.

Still waiting on the cafe consent to all be approved now... 14 weeks to go. haha

Righty ho... work waits.... the day doesn't.

"because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings." Psalm 63:7

Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday monday.....

ahhhhh ahh ahhhhh... so good to me......(imagine, if you will the mommas and the poppas singing away)

Monday's are always a slow kinda day for me.... Ains has just gone to work, and Jackie has taken off for her first flight as a flight attendant... well, that happens tomorrow, but she flies up to Wellington this afternoon in preperation.

She was super excited, but nervous and scared at the same time. Hopefully she'll just be able to relax and enjoy the city this afternoon. Her first flight is to Brisbane early tomorrow, then back to Auckland and I think to Fiji the next day. Madness, really! :)

So... poor Ains is going to be at home by herself alot for the rest of the year. She's been thinking about packing up and taking off to Australia herself to nurse.. and we all know that I'm not capable of making a decision about anything like that. hehe.

Guess that means we'll have to do the flat trip before the end of the year... weekend in Sydney? We'll see. I would be happy anywhere right now. Still wishing I was kayaking the Abel Tasman for Labour Weekend.... have just organised to have a dinner party on the Saturday now though. We'll see.

It was a pretty blah weekend. Daylight Savings started on Saturday, and that always throws me way out. I'm much more of a winter girl. hehe. Short days, darkness, waking up an hour later. hehe. I couldn't get to sleep last night for anything. Was trying to come up with someone who would be in the right timezone for me to ring. Alas - couldn't think of anyone who would appreciate it at that hour.... or that would be around. So... over thought the universe before exhausting myself into sleep. Woke up suddenly this morning at 9. Not good at all. Just glad I didn't have any meetings set up today - and while it's been a semi-productive day, I still have to much to do before Wednesday. Freaking quietly about that one.... what to do... where to go? Ahhhh.. not much I can do besides the normal. and there is no point in stressing over it all.

Wow... just realised how my brain is drating every-which-way right now... no wonder I'm not getting a whole lot done quickly today. hehehe.

Sleep? make sense to me.

But better have a look at some paper work first.... I can always do it from bed. :)

"Cheerfulness and contentment are great beautifiers and are famous preservers of good looks."
Charles Dickens