Saturday, October 08, 2005

OK... so here's the deal. This was the ring that was given to me many years ago.... I've been holding onto it, I guess in fear that I would never get another one. Silly, I know... but it is still a fear in the back of my head. Now, how can I expect to get another one, when I'm holding on this one?! hehe. So.. going to put this one up for auction on a site here in NZ. The trick - I would love some help in coming up with the perfect caption to go with it! :) Any ideas... let me know!  Posted by Picasa


Jayleigh said...

What kind of stone is it? Was it an engagement ring?

I'll have to think on this for a while. ;-)

Have yourself a lovely day!!

Using up the words.... said...

Hey Jay,

Yes - engagement ring (prelim while we figured out a design for the real thing)... Sapphire with diamonds.

Feeling very drained, and while I know I'm in a pocket of grace, so very sad at the same time. Hard to put into words, and just beyond me.

Sorry.... not trying to dump.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend!

Jayleigh said...

So you're not with the guy anymore, I take it?

Don't ever feel bad about dumping. In fact, write me at ANY TIME and rant. Or just come to my blog and see my brand new template!!!