Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tui's Love Song.  Posted by Picasa


Morgan said...

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!! What breed??

Using up the words.... said...

Hey Morgs.

They are both pure bred Morgans. Her Sire is actually back in the States now. He was over here standing for a season, and I think we've got the only 2 pure breds. Love Song is the BOMB though. :) hehe. I managed to snap 2 pics of her foal when I was up back in August - but hopefully this time we'll find time to bond.
So.... about your horse?

Morgan said...

Comanche was half Appaloosa, and nearly half Quarter Horse--his mom had a tinsy bit of Morgan. His sire is where he got his phenomenal bloodlines. The Quarter Horse line is the Peter McCue line--and then the Mansfield Comanche Appaloosa line. The majority of the foals have either been solids or red roans. He was only the 2nd blue roan.

To look at him, at first glance, full on App, but he had the body of Quarter Horse--the fine head of the Morgan, and the long flowing black mane and tail--SO not Appaloosa. He wasn't gelded til he was 8--when he was trained to be an endurance racer, and while I haven't been successful in tracking down his breeders--there is a good chance he's got foals running around. The problem is that it's super expensive to do research with the ApHC--and you can only find so much on the internet. I think if I were to get another horse, I'd really like to find one that would be a brother/sister, or cousin...or even one of his. Then I'd feel like he's still with me, ya know?

Take care! hope you had a good trip!