Thursday, October 06, 2005


about to slip off to bed, to sleep hard. My back is all achey (is that a real word?) and my hands are cold. hehe. So much for spring!

So... one more day with my new boss. Tomorrow should be a little easier than the last two days, though in all honesty - how hard can it be when I get to drive over to Akaroa for the day. Gorgeous sunshine, sea breeze, salt in the air, and just beautiful old buildings. OH... and lunch outside in the sunshine with the seagauls screaming. It was like summer. Picture perfect, and guess who left the camera at home! NEXT TIME!

Now... to catch people up. I've been in my new job since May. Completely new world for me, as far as the travel, and having to actually step out of my little world, and into the world of selling outside of my office. Where people don't always want to know you. I've always lived by the philosophy that sales in primarily about relationships, and I view my role as being that of a problem solver. I'm going out there to build a rapport with my clients, to understand what they are buying, what their customers are buying, and where I can help them out. They need something - I want to be able to help them find it. :) That's pretty much it.

So... I jumped into this with gusto, and perhaps a little bit of tripadation (I'm sure Mike would just say that I was SCARED!) I arrived at the head office in Wellington to meet everyone at the office, and get the BIG inroduction. It was a moment to say the least.
I arrived to find that the guy who had hired me, my "boss" had just resigned.

Hmmmmm... not really what I wanted to hear, at all! I had come on board with the understanding that I would be given the support that i would need in this new role - not only for me, but for the company as well. They were heading in a new direction, but the guy leading us had just jumped ship.
Small freak out time!

Anyway.... they send me back to Christchurch where I'm told to pick up my car, and start making calls! Steep learning curves seem to be my friends. :)
New boss Michael steps in. We're told it's not a permanent situation, but he'll be around until Christmas. He comes down to visit me, and I fly up to Wellington a couple of times.... things are going somewhere, though not quickly, and I'm feeling rather alone down here, but at least I know he's in Wellington and will try to solve my problems.

Next minute - I've re-arranged my life for him to come down and do a trip up north , and I get a call on the Monday before he comes down to say I'm leaving. My last day is the .... and this guy in Auckland is replacing me.

Now... I've travelled alot on my own, I'm rather independent, and perfectly capable of dealing with crazy situations, and stress.
BUT... I'd left a job that I loved but in all honesty did not offer alot of stability. I was rather hoping that while this job would be challenging, that it would not also include having 3 different bosses in less than 6 months!

This brings me to this week. I've changed my schedule around again so I could spend this week in Christchurch and meet the new boss who lives in Auckland. Abit more than the skip away that Wellington was, but at least this means that the other girl will have more support, which is brilliant!

Now... new boss is lovely. I've spent two really good days with him. I've vented, and explained the situation I'm in, the problems that I've had, and the way that I've been dealing with things, and I think???? that he understands and can see where I'm coming from. AND>.... he's even on the same page. :)
I'm sure this is all going to be a huge learning curve for him, but he's been in this business for a long time, and he seems to have a pretty good grasp on how we can move forward and actually get to the results we are all hoping and aiming for.
It's kind of exciting really.

No word on the Wellington thing yet.... (I'll explain all that tomorrow)

For now.... it's past my bed time.... cause I must be getting older now.

I hope I didn't just sound like a serious whine then. There are so many aspects of this job that I do love, and I know I'm super blessed to have the opportunity to be growing in this way.... to be learning, and be given as much space as I've got - which is what I seem to do well with. I just know that we'd be capable of so much more with a few things sorted out now. :)

"It's the action, not the fruit of the action that's important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time that there will be any fruit. BUT, that doesn't mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action, but if you do nothing, there will be No result."


Jayleigh said...

You always have the best quotes, girl!

Thanks for filling me in. It has to be really difficult for you, being in that situation of changing bosses etc. I would be completely freaked out!

btw I love "plonkers"... you should use it in a sentence. Please?

Have a great day!

Ronda said...

Hey thanks for stopping over at my web blog, just thought I would return the favor.

Sounds like you are having a crazy week, make my research paper for school sound much easier!

Have a great weekend!

David said...

I stalked the blog administrator all across the globe last night and it turned out to be the redhaired crafty one whose picture appears atop this list. her audio post has near to seven comments, which is more than I usually get. see what I get for loaning out my audio blog? Harrumphhh