Thursday, October 27, 2005


About to head off and make pancakes for breakfast, and dig out the old faithful Canadian Maple Syrup. :) YAY!! What a great way to start the day. A friend of mine got it for me for my birthday, and I've hardly used any. Today is the day to really break it out, with some great coffee. I'm going to have a busy day, but hey, if I start it well... I'm sure it's going to be a great one. (Have the sound of Tony the Tiger in my head there saying "They're G-R-E-A-T!" which is bizarre, since we don't have tony the tiger here in NZ!! Or frosted flakes for that matter!)

Anyway.... on that note......

Off to make a mess in the kitchen!

Hope everyone is having a great day, and things are getting better in Florida. What is it with people not looking after eachother?? I know there will be some great stories to come out in the end though.

OH.... one day to go before I fly up to see the family. Did I mention how much I'm looking forward to this?? huh? did I? Just in case I didn't....... Wahooooooooooo!!! On that note... I had better actually practice the reading I'm doing on the day, and figure out what I'm going to wear. Dramas, I tell you!

"Circustances are the rulers of the weak, they are but the instruments of the wise."


Morgan said...

hello! hope you have a fun trip!! :oD

Using up the words.... said...

Hey! Thanks for that.... so looking forward to it! Still don't know what to wear though?! hehe.

Will have stories to tell when I get back, I'm sure!

Hope you are feeling all better now!

Snaggle Tooth said...

It took me awhile before I found some time to look ya up, but here I am! Think you're a good story-teller n the pix are great! Keep up the good work.

You're making me hungry for a late snack here... I usually skip breakfast unless I have time to make oat-flour n applesause muffins, though I did recently go to ihop (the local pancake house) with my kids n their kids.
I love to bake things, especiallty to keep the house warm!
The storms here on Cape Cod have finally stopped, today we hac sunshine first time in about 3 weeks!