Friday, October 21, 2005

home sweet....

OK... so I was curious to see how the pics turned out more than I was to write.

I thought some of them were pretty good. Will upload the rest of them over the weekend, so you can go look if you so desire. Going to try out Flikr I think though... so bare with me as I change everything around AGAIN.

Had some pretty stunning days away with the weather. Absolutely gorgeous. Almost too hot for me though. Got abit of sun, and have since broken out in a rash. Guess I really am not made for the HOT weather we get here, which is still pretty mild. Not sure what the deal is? Luckily it's only on my arms. I still enjoyed the sun beams though!

As far as work went, I actually had a pretty good time away. Some interesting moments, some break throughs with clients, and some just blah moments. You get those though. No word on the Wellington deal. My boss zoomed off to China the other day - so that one will be waiting till next month i guess. I can handle that. Gives me time to get my head around what I'm wanting, and where I want to go.

Got home to a broken window in the kitchen. Aparently a rugby ball was too blame. Unfortunately no kids came to own up to their little mess. I haven't seen the landlord yet, but couldn't find the rugby ball, so I'm guessing he's been round, and perhaps went to the school to see what's going on. Ain's must have had fun while we were away.

Ahhhhhh..... my little seedlings are looking super spunky!!! Baslets, as I call them. (Basil seedlings for amounts of pesto I hope!)
Will have to plant the sunflower seeds this weekend. YAY for a long weekend!

No super huge thoughts at the moment. brain has gone into holiday mode before me I think. Totally zonked, and no food in the house... wondering about just crawling into bed and forgetting about all that. Except Ben may be coming round? He invited me out to dinner.... crafty little man then tells me they are wanting something spicy. I just laughed. He twigged eventually, so it was the joke that he didn't really want me to come along anyway! Subtle hints and all that.

Will try and be a little better tomorrow. Will at least be playing with the pics before I get into the pasta making for tomorrow night. :) Looking forward to social stuff!

Hope everyone has had a super week... relaxing weekend ahead.

"One of the best temporary cures for pride and affection is seasickness; a man who wants to vomit never puts on airs."


Neo said...

UUTW - Wow, really cool pictures. Looks like you and Kiwi have something in common, check out his picts blog.

NZ is a very pretty spot.


Jayleigh said...

Hey girl! Thanks for the update and I'm glad you're home again.

It's sooooooo strange to me with you talking about spring and sunshine and planting seeds. May I live vicariously though you during your awesome summer and my bleak winter?


Have a great day!