Sunday, October 09, 2005

so long, farewell....

So, I haven't packed..... and I leave tomorrow!

Actually, got the coolest surprise tonight. My friend benny called to say he was in Christchurch, could he crash. Just home from Mexican - yummy! Totally stuffed, and zonked, so will be quick.

Head into the deep South tomorrow.... Hit Ahsburton, Timaru, Oamaru and then Dunedin. It's only 5 hours to get to Dunedin - driving straight thru, but with all my stops - will get there around 6pm. Fun stuff!

So... shall look forward to catching up on everything when I get back!
Tabby - any news on Windy Wellington? Let me know so I can book tickets up there to catch up with you. (though maybe it would be better to get you down here to tiki tour around the LOTR country?! :) )
Jay - I'd started writing a long email to you, and then ben jumped on the computer, and it all vanished. I promise to fill you in when I get back.

Right... sleeeeeeep....

Be super Blessed guy! (and no big mischief while I'm gone)

"Life is under no obligation to give us what we expect!"
Margaret Mitchell


TaB said...

Windy welly, must send you an email!

Hey, and yes those songs, thank you so SO very much, im going to compile a play list and let you know which ones I love. your so dear to me, im so pleased I found you cj.

You are so lucky, now I am such a turbo NZ geek, Tabby Jackson indeed. Be safe on your trips. And anymore scenic photos, do post them, I just keep falling in love with nz.

I love that quote, how appropriate!

Oh and I put it to a vote and I think you need to put that photo of you in the wedding party up, you look beautiful dressed up fancy, not that you don’t look fab grinning ear to ear. :)

Jayleigh said...

Hope you have a great trip. Sorry I have forgotten to read for a few days but glad you weren't here to know about it!

;-) Have the most lovely of weeks!