Wednesday, October 26, 2005


kinda awake here.... kinda!

have had my coffee, which obviously hasn't quite kicked in yet, and a chocolate croissant, which I must say.... wasn't as good as it looked!

and I guess I need to face reality.
That I have a whole lot to get done today, and little motivation to get there. HEHE

Most exciting. Getting pics developed! :) Yes.... I'm looking forward to seeing all these ones in the real fleshy state! And maybe, even framing some of them? Actually, I'd really like to get them enlarged and mounted. Have a couple of cafes in mind for some of them to go to. Am I brave enough to offer my stuff.... the fear of rejection kind of kicks my butt here! Maybe I'll wait until my aunt gets her cafe up and going... sometime next year. hehe. Then I'll have more to choose from too.

For now... gotta get the card cleared for the wedding.. pre, post, Tawhai! I think I've lost the plot when it comes to that gorgeous boy.

Can't wait!!! Icing on the cake... chilling out with my horse!


Jayleigh said...

You have a horse? How totally cool. I've always wanted one!


Using up the words.... said...

Hey jay!

My parents actually breed morgans, so there are loads of horses on the farm. In fact - my mother can't tell me exact numbers. There are 3 stallions though, and too many mares which keep having foals... it all adds up to LOTS.
Since I don't like anywhere near, my ones are pretty much just used for breeding. My beloved old girl(Tui) was just a foal when we brought her out from Canada. She turns 21 next year, so we're having a big party for her. :) hehe. Love Song was the foal that she had my first summer back... so we did the show thing together. Tui and I used to drive, which was awesome!

How about I share them with you... hehe. :)

Jayleigh said...