Monday, August 27, 2007

this side of tomorrow.....



I was driving home the other night, right at dusk.... my favourite time to be out with my camera. I haven't had my camera in the truck in ages, so wanted to grab this one - unfortunately, I drove past, and didn't manage to get turned around for a while. By the time I got back, the light had changed again.

I'll have to try again another day.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

moon rising....

The weekend is almost over, again.

I've got a small patch of wallpaper in the spare room that is teasing me. I ran out of steam just before I got to the part above the door. Not sure if I'll get back in there tonight.

I can't wait to get to the plastering part though, and then to see the paint getting slapped on. I'm going with nutrals throughout the house. My room is a beige/cream, which carries down the hall. The kitchen is more of a mushroom colour, so I'll keep it along those themes.

The thing will be when the room is totally finished. Then I can have visitors. Yipeeeee!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Soul Salsa


I was given a book by a good friend of mine - He's a chaplain over in Australia at a private boys school. Someone I've known for a super long time. In fact, he's been in my life through all of the big stuff.

I have to say I'm really quite enjoying the read. It hasn't been one of those books that I sit down and just devour - but more a book to snack on. :)

So, I thought I'd share some of the last little thought provoking bits.

"You can't pray for people without being changed by those prayers. A pastor taking another parish spoke these words of warning to the congregation in his good-bye sermon:

Sometime I'd like to hear someone say, "Pray for me," and have the person they're asking say, "No, I'd be afraid of doing that. It would require us to become too connected. If I prayed for you I would no longer be able to objectify you and it would change our relationship in ways I would find unsettling. Praying for you would also pull me out of my narcissistic selfishness and force me to contemplate the ineffable power of God in my life which would also be uncomfortable. So thank you, but I just can't.

To pray for someone is to enter into a reciprocal relationship of life transformation."

He goes on to talk about how we need to make our life a prayer. It shouldn't so much be to pray the Lord's Prayer, but to become it. When everything that we do is offered up as a prayer to God, then we become that prayer. "

God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self discipline.
~ Timothy 1:7

Taken from Learn to Dance the Soul Salsa by Leonard Sweet, 2000. pg 36,37


Friday, August 17, 2007

friday, I'm in love

One of my customers and I have this thing, where we'll often have a conversation, which is interjected with song titles which go along with what we're talking about.

Does that make sense?

The one that stands out would be the days of the week......
I don't like Mondays,
Outlook for Tuesday.....

It's kind of silly, and the guy who sits in the other desk in the area always rolls his eyes when we get on a roll.... we go off on absolute tangents all the time. I appreciate it alot!

I was talking to someone else yesterday about the "click" which happens between two people. You start talking to someone, and you have that instant rapport with them.
I always find myself getting excited when I feel that.
It's a buzz.
A high.
The possibility that there is a 'kindred spirit' there that you may be able to bounce ideas around with.

This particular person had told me a while ago that when he goes out, he doesn't tend to talk to strangers at all. If he's in a bar, he'll sit and watch. I got kind of sad when I started to think about that one. Partly because this is a person who's conversation I value a great deal. I felt sorry that people weren't getting to experience his intelligence and all that he has to offer others.

I told him that yesterday, and I really hope that he took it in the spirit that I meant it.

At the same time... when I asked if it was because they were just very comfortable with life the way it was - they have a close group of friends, and doesn't actually feel the need for more. He related immediately to that.
I do understand. Life is incredibly busy, and it is hard to actually make the time and to put in the effort that is required to build those relationships. I can't deny that.
But - I've always been one of those people who has found that one can't have too many friends.

That's not to say that I open up to anyone and everyone.

I don't.
I'm very picky when it comes to having deep conversations and close relationships.

BUT... I guess I've been on the other side often enough to know that there are incredibly good people out there who don't have the friends that they need. People who have moved. Who are trying to start over. It takes a huge amount of effort for them and I know how much I value people who will make the effort and take the time to get to know me and befriend me.

If we settle, become comfortable and somewhat compliant we don't know what relationships we may miss out on. Those 'kindred spirits' just waiting to be embraced into our worlds.

I guess I want to encourage everyone to sometimes step out of their comfort zone, to make sure that there aren't people around us who are in desperate need of a friend, a smile, an encouraging word.

It doesn't take much to make someone feel appreciated and worthwhile... and in all honesty.... it's something that we don't seem to be very good at doing.

I guess it reminds me of that quote from St Francis of Assisi.

"Preach the gospel at all times, and if you have to, use words."

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

gathering thoughts.....


finish each day and be done with it. you have done what you could. some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. tomorrow is a new day. you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.

~ emerson

Saturday, August 11, 2007

christchurch ~ the square


this man watches all those passing by the square. I thought it was time for me to watch him instead when I was last down there.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

into the hills....

I've got so many pictures that I need to go through.... and not enough time to sit down and actually do much of anything.

My computer is growing old and slow, and I freak at the idea that I might have to upgrade the beast, when there are so many other things that need to happen.

I had a classic weekend......
It's been raining cats and dogs! Flooding galour!
I was inside for most of the day, but had to run out to grab some things.... and while I was out the ceiling decided to leak in my living room. Now - a decent sized room, so amazingly enough... where should it leak, but right over my television!!! Was quite classic. I'm ever greatful that it wasn't over my books... but I had to laugh.

I managed to get ahold of a wise friend who gave me a perscription to follow....

"go and buy a cheap heater from the warehouse (NZ version of wallymart) $15, bring it home and aim is directly to the back of the tv, leaving it on for 2 hours. After that, turn it on, and call me if it goes Whoooomf"

Had to laugh - but followed his directions, and wohooooo... tv was fine after that. :)

Ironically, while it's winter, I hadn't gone out and bought a heater since moving in here. I haven't been that cold - but I had to buy one for my tv!

Of course - the same weekend, my hot water cylinder decided to give up too. That was abit more of an ouch. Meant I had to have a cold shower on Monday morning, and get an electrician out to fix it. Nice and expenssive - but at least I have hot water again.

Just been looking at log burners. Absolutely love the idea of having one put in here.... but we'll see. First I've really got to get the kitchen sorted out. :)

Right... lots of driving to get through today.
Just wanted to get something out into the void.

Hopefully this week will be a little more quiet than the last few, and I can catch up on what's going on with everyone out there.

Thinking of you all... prayers flying!