Thursday, May 24, 2007


who would have thought the middle of the year would be here so quickly?
much like winter - both have snuck up on me with such stealth like abilities.

the fog clings to the hills till late morning, leaving the city in a damp state, while also causing chaos for drivers, such as myself first thing in the morning. while I appreciate that we do need to change our driving to the conditions, people seem to go into panic mode with the fog. I don't understand it at all. It's more scary and dangerous to drive in the fog because of the drivers!

So, with the middle of the year, comes a time to think of all the missions that were planned for the year. I guess a time to reflect on hopes, on visions, and to just get refocused on all these things.
It's a little scary to think about everything that I wanted to do, and have not come close to actually making the time for them. But on the other hand - there are some things that hadn't been thought of which have happened... and for some reason, those are most often the best times!

Sorry - kind of feel like I'm in circle mode tonight.

The day has been long, and somewhat frustrating with work, and not knowing enough to feel as though I can actually do my job properly. I'm have lessons tomorrow on the wonderful world of Transformers. WOHOOOO!!! yes, watch out world. Once I get these big beasts figured out there will be no stoping me! :) hehehehe

Ahhhhh... how I do miss the world of cutlery from time to time. A plate was such a simple thing to explain, and sell. But where would the challenge be to stay in a safe little world of things understood. Where would the growth take place? And would we become who God had intended us to be?

Right.... best go wander to bed.

Peace and prayers. xxx

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

day trips

National Park..... pretty much the middle of the North Island on one of my trips.
And below, the Chateau I keep thinking I should go and spend a weekend in. It's pretty lush on the inside.... velvet curtains, a grand piano in the lounge area.... I think it would be fun, though perhaps lavish?

And these guys..... well.... some of the balloons at the fiesta back in April.
I've been awfully slow!

The other morning I woke to this... had to grab the camera and snap away......
I took off to have coffee, and when I got back, this was the next shot.....

who could complain about that for a Saturday morning view.

I know I need to do a catch up, and I will.... but I really want to get some photos uploaded as a start to it all.

Prayers flying for everyone over yonder...

Kia kaha.