Saturday, July 18, 2009

winding path

I thought the photo suited the mood today.

I was thinking about destinations..... how we get to where we want to be.

For me I'm always driving. For work, for adventures with friends, for family......
I'm always in my car, and typically I take the most direct route to get to where I need to be. (Not always, as half the fun of these adventures is seeing everything along the way - but it's by choice.... except when I'm super lost!)

If only it were that easy with life.

To jump into some kind of machine that will put us on the path to where we want to go. Instead, I find myself weaving and winding down lots of different paths. Should I go through that door? Would that path be easier? Will the stones hurt my feet if I go that way?
And then half way down one path things get more and more difficult, and the idea of turning around appeals. Or maybe there is a fork in the road? There are always decisions to be made about where you're going and how you're going to get there.

I've had to sit down and write lists of what I want to happen this year. Everything on the list is something that I think will help me to get to where I want to go.
I'm not silly enough to think that I'll get everything done, or that it won't be difficult, but I want to make a start.

With my faith I'm always trusting that when I get on the wrong path that I'll stumble across a dead end or a massive STOP sign. Something will push me to change directions, to re-think my plans. I'm also always reminded that my problems are never too big for God to deal with.

In the photo you can see the road winding its way down the hill, and it looks so small. The cars are miniature in comparison to their surrounding - and yet we all know how big a car can look - especially when they're zooming towards you.
So I'm reminded that all the big deals and hard times are like these cars. They really are small when you look at them from a different perspective.
My mustard seed of faith is enough to make a mountain move when I speak in the authority that I've been given. So problems? What problems? (To have that kind of faith. woah!)

Sooooooooo....... I'm traveling down the road..... the road to finish my teaching degree, and I'm making some moves so that if my door opens this time next year, I can jump on a plane to head somewhere else.
Doors may slam..... but for now, the roads seem straight, and I'm cruising to some sounds...... remembering that nothing is too big for He who loves me and has created me for a purpose greater than my wildest dreams.

Life is really sooooooooooooooooooooo good. If I just remember to look from a different perspective, to remind myself, I know I'll be ok.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

slightly overwhelmed

I think I've managed to work myself into a tizz.

Part of it is that I do have a huge amount going on for the rest of the year.....
and part of it is there are things swimming around in my head and heart that I'm not doing such a great job of dealing with.

I know that God will never give me more than I can handle... I just wish he'd also show me how to handle the situations.


So, right now.... as my work day is about to end, there is a gorgeous blue sky day waiting for me and I wish I were able to just float away above it all.

Ride the on the zephyr, breathing in deeply, and letting out a massive sigh with everything else that's tangled up inside.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crazy days!!

The Scooter in Rarotonga..... The absolute best way to get around the Island. Probably the only way to feel a breeze too. he he.

It was my favourite place to be.... exploring the island. Of course getting absolutely soaked riding it to the wedding just made it that much more of an adventure. :)

If I lived in a city... I think I may even be tempted to get one. (Yes, I want to be just like my brother when I grow up. )

Monday, July 13, 2009

so it begins....

My kitchen wall.......

A mass of cards, most notes from friends.... photos.... invites... and colour.....
When I do up the kitchen I'd like to actually make that wall a great big magnetic space. :)

For now.... I have to pack it all up, and wonder when it will all see the light of day again.

Packing in faith and in anticipation of this next GREAT season!

sign of the times...


I want to get off!!

If I could just have one tiny weekend to myself to do the things that I need to get done, that would be wonderful.....



*we'll be returning to your normal programming in just a few moments*

Sunday, July 12, 2009


It was Tamati's birthday last week... and Tess had organised a surprise party for him....

I was asked to organise a date night for Tam and I... it had been a while, so figured it would be quite easy to convince him of some mischief with me. Of course I didn't really give the night a great deal of thought.... I just knew that I would pick him up, and then I'd get him home around 7:30 for him to be surprised.
Lack of details there.... but I managed quite well.

We went and looked for my new ute that I'm apparently getting next week, with no real joy and then went to look at computers. I'm about to start studying again, and my poor old beast just isn't up to the job. he he. That, and I really won't have room for it either. I'm trying to look at the whole big picture right now... as far as getting a computer for school as well as for my photography and other things I'm getting busy with.
So.... dreaming of an apple. We're becoming a Mac family..... we'll see.

So... from the store we went for a drink and massive plate of curly fries. It was nice to just sit and chat about what's been going on with us. It had been a long time since we've just had time to natter away.

Of course from there I had problems....
"Lets go bowling?"
"Lets check out movies?"

And I could see him getting a little testy as I struggled to come up with excuses. It did kind of help that I've been sick all week with a chest infection.... so in the end I suggested we go grab some ice cream and go watch a dvd at him place.
He bought it.... and so eventually we made it home.

Got into the house and he opened the living room door to everyone screaming.
It was a beautiful moment. He was honestly totally clueless!!!

Tessa and I couldn't believe we'd actually managed to pull it all off without him catching on.
Tamati is always the one getting everyone else - so it was about time we managed to pull one on him.

Great job, and tons of fun!! And he totally deserved it all. Next weekend we're heading up to Auckland for a day at the adventure park... bring on the rollercoasters. :)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

a little raw

I was at a woman's conference on Saturday.

A great day with a room full of woman of all ages, stories being shared along with tears being shed. As one lady got up, she said - I don't know about you guys, but my bra is soaking wet.

What a thing to say and yet I could relate.

5 days later and I'm still a little raw from the things that were revealed to me. Actually, little may be a slight understatement.

And so, the things which have hurt need to be dealt with.

To top it all off, I'm now sick in bed with a chest infection.
I have to get out of this house and quite possibly this country. he he.

I've been reminded of my days working at the boarding school.... my passion for young girls. It all kind of ties together with what's been going on in my heart, and also the whole idea of going back to study.
I'm going to finally finish my teaching degree...

And I'm excited about it. A little confused as to why I'd get excited about something I don't actually want to do?! But maybe it's what I need to get back into a boarding school situation. While I don't want to be a teacher... I would love to be in a place like that again.

Which ties in with a few other things....

It's an interesting road.... interesting thoughts.....

For now... I just need to keep dealing with the raw stuff and get better.

Hope everyone else is feeling a little stretched. A little pruned. Alive!

"You make everything glorious and I am yours..... what does that make me?"
~ David Crowder.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

not so easy

He he... not sure what I was thinking.....

Moving is never an easy thing to do.

I'll get there eventually... for now I thought I'd put up some photos that have been waiting.

Monday, July 06, 2009

going AWOL.....


I'm in the process of packing up - not only my house, which really hasn't started to happen yet, but also this site.

Yes, all sorts of crazy things are going on here.

The biggest change though, is one of heart.

It's just too late and unfortunately, I'm feeling a bit sick, so I really wouldn't be able to do any of the story justice.

Instead..... a song.....

I've been singing it for the last 3 days, and would love someone else to be humming the same tune.

Living Rain

It's by one of the biggest NZ worship bands.

Really praying that everyone is doing well. I hope to sit down and catch up over coffee with you all soon.

This has been another thought running through my head lately:

"Go into the world and preach the gospel, and if you must, use words."

Wouldn't that be a beautiful world to live in.