Sunday, July 12, 2009


It was Tamati's birthday last week... and Tess had organised a surprise party for him....

I was asked to organise a date night for Tam and I... it had been a while, so figured it would be quite easy to convince him of some mischief with me. Of course I didn't really give the night a great deal of thought.... I just knew that I would pick him up, and then I'd get him home around 7:30 for him to be surprised.
Lack of details there.... but I managed quite well.

We went and looked for my new ute that I'm apparently getting next week, with no real joy and then went to look at computers. I'm about to start studying again, and my poor old beast just isn't up to the job. he he. That, and I really won't have room for it either. I'm trying to look at the whole big picture right now... as far as getting a computer for school as well as for my photography and other things I'm getting busy with.
So.... dreaming of an apple. We're becoming a Mac family..... we'll see.

So... from the store we went for a drink and massive plate of curly fries. It was nice to just sit and chat about what's been going on with us. It had been a long time since we've just had time to natter away.

Of course from there I had problems....
"Lets go bowling?"
"Lets check out movies?"

And I could see him getting a little testy as I struggled to come up with excuses. It did kind of help that I've been sick all week with a chest infection.... so in the end I suggested we go grab some ice cream and go watch a dvd at him place.
He bought it.... and so eventually we made it home.

Got into the house and he opened the living room door to everyone screaming.
It was a beautiful moment. He was honestly totally clueless!!!

Tessa and I couldn't believe we'd actually managed to pull it all off without him catching on.
Tamati is always the one getting everyone else - so it was about time we managed to pull one on him.

Great job, and tons of fun!! And he totally deserved it all. Next weekend we're heading up to Auckland for a day at the adventure park... bring on the rollercoasters. :)

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