Wednesday, October 11, 2006


The boys, waiting.

The Arrival!

It was all absolutely Gorgeous! What a setting for such a special day.


The wedding was actually on the beach you can see in the distance. Was classic driving back across the farm.....


Lots of them flooding this page.

To say that I've been negative would be an understatement.
To say that I've been delighting in a pity party would be true.
To say that I've allowed satan to steal my joy would be also.
And to say that I've done very little about it......

just embarrassing.

Would someone please give me the kick up the bum that I so desperately need.

And then, maybe.... whisk me away for coffee so I can use up some of these words I've been harbouring. hehehehe

Thanks for the prayers. They are seriously needed right now.

today... today....

Another one from work.

Just trying to orgnise my trip south. Yes... my first return to the beloved South island for my friends wedding next weekend. Exciting in some respects, not so in others.

I was supposed to be going to the wedding with benny, but his girlfriend is flying out from England - so that idea flew out the window. I don't think he even remembered at all, and hardly seemed to care that he wouldn't be around to catch up when I was down there. I'm going to go stay with his mother instead, and see her new house.
I asked Shane on the off chance that he would jump at the opportunity to come and explore some of the South island with me, and be draged along to a wedding. No go there. In fact - no one wants to come with me. Bummed! I won't know anyone other than Mike at the wedding, and I somehow think he'll be otherwise engaged, or rather, married!

I'd reached the end of my tether the other night. Just felt exhausted and uncared for. I want to go to the wedding, but not excited at the idea of being on my lonesome again. Have had quite enough of that for the next little while. Still... I want to make that effort. I do feel like I'm one of those people who are constantly making an effort for everyone else, but when it comes to me... no one has the time. Doesn't feel very nice.

I am looking forward to the drive, and seeing the scenery again. Not sure that I'll actually get to catch up with many people while I'm down. It's going to be a very fleeting trip. Just sorting out the rental car, and where I'll stay. Was thinking maybe Dansey's Pass again, or somewhere in Ranfurly. Either would be awesome!

I managed to get quite a few fantastic pics of my cousins wedding over the weekend - and have been trying for days to get them onto the computer with no joy. Hopefully I'll find some time tomorrow.

Kia kaha. xx

Friday, October 06, 2006

at work

Sitting here in the office, on what is really such a gorgeous spring day! The sun is beaming down....

Quick update, as I doubt I'll get a chance to find a computer this weekend.

Thew news I had been waiting on. I had an interview with a company that I used to deal with a few jobs ago. I actually had applied for a position in Wellington before I moved. Ended up being second for that job - they gave it to a guy with slightly more experience. Well.... they approached me to see if I would be interested in the same position based back in Christchurch. Crazy huh. I really was wondering what God was upto. Went through the interview process, and again... they decided to go with an older guy who was already down there and had been previously working for the competition, so was already very familiar with all the products.

Spoke to the HR lady today, who I've got to know quite well, and if nothing else, I may have a new friend there. :) She was incredibly positive about me and my experience. She had writen an email to me after the interview to say the guys thought I was fabulous, and they certainly raved about my positive attitude, and personality. Alas, it wasn't enough to get me the job. However - this just means I am meant to stay in the Waikato, and around the family. I did think it rather strange that I may have to move again - but at the same time, I haven't unpacked yet, and still feel very out of place... mostly just the lack of friends though.

So.... time to put down some roots? hehehe. At least time to unpack. I'm so sick of not having my things around, especially the computer. Although it does make me realise that I really don't need as much as I have. Would be different if I did have my own house though.

Not sure about where to live? For now I'm away most weekends... tis the season of weddings AGAIN. :)

Hope all is well over the other side... enjoy Fall for me. Still my most favourite season.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Just got a txt from brother Tamati to tell me that Tessa has started contractions. Yes, baby Evita Mary is on the way.

Meanwhile... I'm also waiting for my phone to ring regarding the last bit of madness to go down. Hopefully I'll have lots of news to share soon.

For now... the PPP of last week. Mum and I went exploring. There is a stunning walk following a stream to the spring where it all starts. We didn't quite get to the end - since it was going to get dark, but we walked for a good few hours, and the colours were fantastic.

I want to try and kayak it later in summer, and just see how far you can go. It just happens to be the same stream that is the boundry of a peice of land that I think would be the most perfect location for a backpackers! Anyone any good at drawing up business plans? It's about time I got serious about figuring out how I'm meant to do this.

Wanted to say a HUGE thanks for all the gorgeous and encouraging words you've left me. I so appreciate it and all your prayers. I know God is putting me where I need to be, and I need to trust that.
I came up with an anology today as I was driving through the country side.... there were a bunch of trees still clinging onto the winter leaves, all dried up and brown while others are starting to show off this seasons new green. We can be that way in life. We can cling on to things of the past - the dried up and dead parts of our life... which in turn means that we can't start to sprout the new leaves - the new things in our life. God only has the best planned - but can't force us to let go of the dead leaves. Instead we have the free will to decide. Will we hold onto the old, or spring into the new? My old flatmate used to talk about loping off the apple... getting rid of the bad fruit in our life. God likes to prune us, just as we do fruit trees so that we can produce a plentiful harvest of the best. Why would we not want that?

Just me pondering and realising. Spring is here... and I pray for an awesome harvest!