Friday, October 06, 2006

at work

Sitting here in the office, on what is really such a gorgeous spring day! The sun is beaming down....

Quick update, as I doubt I'll get a chance to find a computer this weekend.

Thew news I had been waiting on. I had an interview with a company that I used to deal with a few jobs ago. I actually had applied for a position in Wellington before I moved. Ended up being second for that job - they gave it to a guy with slightly more experience. Well.... they approached me to see if I would be interested in the same position based back in Christchurch. Crazy huh. I really was wondering what God was upto. Went through the interview process, and again... they decided to go with an older guy who was already down there and had been previously working for the competition, so was already very familiar with all the products.

Spoke to the HR lady today, who I've got to know quite well, and if nothing else, I may have a new friend there. :) She was incredibly positive about me and my experience. She had writen an email to me after the interview to say the guys thought I was fabulous, and they certainly raved about my positive attitude, and personality. Alas, it wasn't enough to get me the job. However - this just means I am meant to stay in the Waikato, and around the family. I did think it rather strange that I may have to move again - but at the same time, I haven't unpacked yet, and still feel very out of place... mostly just the lack of friends though.

So.... time to put down some roots? hehehe. At least time to unpack. I'm so sick of not having my things around, especially the computer. Although it does make me realise that I really don't need as much as I have. Would be different if I did have my own house though.

Not sure about where to live? For now I'm away most weekends... tis the season of weddings AGAIN. :)

Hope all is well over the other side... enjoy Fall for me. Still my most favourite season.



mreddie said...

Looks like God has things in control over there - hopefully things can settle down for you. Fall is a beautiful season, second only to spring in my mind. The leaves down south don't turn until much later than the more northern places and are only starting to change at this present time. ec

Jayleigh said...

We're in peak color today. The weather was perfect at 70 degrees and sunshine. I like fall just because my allergies aren't as bad. But too, the skies seem so blue next to the changing leaves.

:-) God is always good, CJ. Whatever his plans for you, even if you don't understand. He's still good.

Snaggle Tooth said...

We're just beginning to cool down here, n waiting on the color-show.

I've never liked the rejection job interviews, an exercise in wasted time. But hey, getting a friend out of the deal at least makes the trip worth the petrol!

I hope you get alot of new green sprouts to cheer you for springtime.