Monday, July 25, 2005


My computer blew up!

Last wednesday I came home after running round all morning, turned on my trustly PC to have it suddenly start beeping at me. What kind of beep you ask? Only fair since it was the question I was asked by everyone that I told: It was a constant, same pitch, no change in rhythm.... makes it sound like a musical instrument... what it was was a HUGE pain in the butt!I'm now trying to do this one my poor, old laptop, which, while still working, which is a step up from my other computer... just won't cut the mustard! :) It will be another 7 days before I'm likely to even hear what is wrong with my computer, up to 5 weeks before I may return fixed. So.... this may be it for a while. As much as it drives me nuts, the speed of the turtle is too much for me to take. lol. So.... till next time folks, I'll leave you with the thought that I'm a n internet junkie minus my fix. Imagine what I'll be like when I get my computer back! :) YAY! Bring it on! Oh.... and I've looked at laptops, and wondered... but keep seeing a Canadian plane ticket is going to have to come first. This is just character building before I get there. And for miss Tab; we need to catch up. Vancouver has won! Come Feb next year, you should have a list of fab cafes, theatres, and any other spots you can think of for us to go and explore! Watch out Vancouver... it's bound to be madness. Maybe you could keep your ears peeled for anyone looking for a flatmate? Exciting stuff!


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

spring clean?

Was quite the productive day, perhaps just in comparison to yesterday? Took the car in for a service early this morning, and was given a rather nice brand new pulsar to drive around for the morning. Of course... didn't actually go very far in it. :) Did meet Jacx for a coffee, which was all good. Actually, it's going to be a silly social week again. Meeting Candïce for breakfast tomorrow, lunch with Greg on Thursday, breakfast with Rae on Friday, and then out to get my haircut and catch up with Victoria. Whew....

Started to go through things today.... after talking to mum about flights home in August - figure I had probably better start to think about things that I may want to leave at home? Quite a thought, really. What to do with everything when I've gone? Do I just get rid of it all? Or do I store things away? Crazy thought! Started to just go through paper... amazing how it just gathers....So... got the fire going, and burnt old letters, even valentines. hehehe. Funny to find things like that. :) Feels good to have a clean out though. I think there are really only a few things that I'll take up to Mum and Dad that I would like to keep - in fact, may even have shipped over to Canada at a later stage?

Found an old Canadian friend online tonight... and had a very quick chat. He's now living in Japan, having got married 6 months ago to a Japaness girl. Loving it over there... now teaching english. He thought I should think about living in Victoria, which is where he is from. It's another place that has crossed my mind... and almost appeals more than Vancouver. More research required I guess. I'm relieved that this is all still feeling so comfortable now. That I can start the whole process and have that thing to look forward to. Now, just need to get ahold of Nig and sort out where and when we'll be meeting up! He was supposed to be calling last weekend - but didn't hear anything. Maybe this weekend? Was thinking about going out to Akaroa to stay with Jimbo and Kym on Friday night. Haven't really caught up with them in ages! In fact, have yet to see their place over there... and if the weather stays like this... will be perfect to be holed up in front of the fire playing board games.

Right... need to go find my bed. Somewhere under everything....


Monday, July 18, 2005

rainy monday

Was a fairly sucessful day.... if you look at it from a slackers perspective. I did get my reports finished for last week, which was the main task for the day, which kind of explained why I was still so tired. Last week was pretty busy!

So... I mucked around, did laundry, wrote some emails, dreamed about kayaking in Alaska and looked at kitset homes. :) What better way to spend a rainy Monday?

Ains came home in a grump, so she's been hiding away in her room. She really struggles with her morning shifts - so good thing she's working tomorrow afternoon. :) I have to remember to take my car in for a service early tomorrow morning. They are supposed to be giving me a car to use while it's all being done - but when I made the appointment the guy seemed awfully distracted, so just hoping that all works out.

No big plans for tomorrow either. Guess I had better get organised for the following week away up North. Book places to stay, and make all the appointments. It's funny.... the weeks at home are getting busier, which is all good. Got an email from the boss today asking me to make an appointment with a "tough nut". Wasn't sure how I was meant to feel about that one right now. Meanwhile... also a note telling me to go and explore the New Worlds around here. Yipeeeee.

Oh - catching with with Jacx tomorrow.... coffee sometime. Haven't really seen her in over a week... the joys of feeling out of it when I get back. She left a huge long message filling me in on everything that happened last week... birthday's galour, and all sorts. hehe. Quite funny.
Sometimes it's just easier not to try and catch up though. Mike is beating me in the social butterfly stakes right now.... rubbed it in by sending a txt at almost 3am to say he had just gotten home. hahaha. ben and I had just stopped talking.... doesn't worry me, but in the morning, Ben wanted revenge, so we sent one to wake up Mike. :) hahaha... the child in us all.

Actually... was so good to catch up with ben this weekend! Just one of those guys that I can be around, and not have any walls up. I am who I am, and while I know that I freaked him out recently.. and I know I didn't manage to answer all his questions well, he just left it, and told me he would be here for me. It means a huge amount to me. We were going to call Gordie while he was here to try and track him down, and find out when he was coming home - but didn't get around to it. Kind of good on the timing... I'm pretty sure he'll be home after Christmas, so Ben and he will be able to hang out again. We were talking about when we met, and how long it's been since Gordie left the other day... amazing how quickly time flies... but also very cool the way we just kind of slotted into eachothers lives. Ben's declared that I'll just have to be the "canadian hangout" for all their climbing adventures. Promising... but I wonder when he'll get his butt over there to see me? No matter... we always seem to be able to just pick up where we left off when we do see eachother.

We went and saw "A good woman" on Sunday. I won ben over with the fact that Scarlet Johansen was in the movie. That should have put me off! Her acting skills were pretty dissapointing!!! Couldn't quite believe it.... in her saddest scene, I just laughed! Oscars witt did prevail through it all though.

Ahhhhh.... starting to feel more relaxed... not sure if it's the vegie stew, the apple rolley polley, or just the fact that today was easy and I had good company? Who cares!


Saturday, July 16, 2005

home is....

where I seem to make a huge mess, and then run out the door again. :)

Got home after 7 last night.... after a mostly beautiful drive home. Lindis pass was all grand, and the sunset through Geraldine was perfect. Of course, as soon as the sun started going down, I got sleepy.

My night in Arrowtown was pretty cool. Found a very nice cosey pub to have dinner in - only because the restaurant I wanted to go to was totally full... so they pointed me in the direction of the pub where I could order from the restaurant, which was all good.
The pub; 'behind the blue door' has a great fire place, and comfy, cosey leather arm chairs that you can just fall into and while away the evening with a good local red, and book to read.
Of course, by Thursday nights on my weeks away I'm really craving company... so I sat at the bar, and chatted to the bartender. The cottage that I stayed at; shades
was very cute and cosey. It was a freezing cold night, and I ended up keeping the heater on the lowest setting all night - which is something I normally hate doing. I don't enjoy waking up to a stuffy room....
There was a pretty impressive frost the next morning.... the car frozen shut, puddles all frozen over. Just fresh and alive kinda day. The drive over the crown range was spectacular... and since I didn't have a morning meeting I just kind of cruised my way around. Arrived in Wanaka and sat by the lake to do some paper work. Blissssss.
So, today has been spent cleaning up... doing the laundry and cleaning my room, which I always seem to leave in a state. ben is supposed to be up today.... waiting for him to get here so we can go out for lunch - but haven't heard anything. I'm getting hungry too. May give up on waiting!
He's supposed to be staying tonight... figured he may want some floor space. :)

Anyway... better go hang out the last load of washing.

Till next time..... keep your toes warm.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

into the sunset.....

So, I should be packed by now, with everything totally organised for the next week. Unfortunatly that's not the case right now.
I didn't sleep much last night, and have had a sore back all afternoon. Can't quite figure out what's up with that. Anyway... it's become totally obvious how tired I am, and how it so totally effects the way I think in a rational way.(as rare as it may be). My state of mind or being is not a fun place to reside at this present moment.
Everything gets blown way out of preportion, for no reason, other than... it just can.

Fun, huh!

On that note - I've decided to give up on the work, and hey, even though it's only 7pm. I'm going to crawl into bed. Maybe read for abit, and then SLEEP. :)

I refuse to take this crazy attitude away with me this week. Hope everyone has a gorgeous week!

goodnight world.... goodbye silliness.

Sunday, July 03, 2005


My boss arrives tomorrow morning in time for us to do a presentation at 10. EICK!
For some reason the combination of having him here, and having to do the presentation just makes my stomach flop around in the most peculiar way!

So.... the BIG question that continues to float around my head.....


No idea... but I guess I'll find something.

More importantly, I managed to go and get the car washed, and all spiffy looking - which was something that's been annoying me. Much like my room. I seem to get home, throw everything around, do all the washing that I can, and then leave again in a whirlwind. Sounds ever so romantic (HA!) but in actual fact, I will go crazy if by the end of this week my room does not improve drastically. Like I want to actually be able to curl up on my window seat with my new book and read to my hearts content while basking in the sunlight - otherwise, what is the point of having this gorgeous window seat!

No big plans for this week, although thinking a movie on Tuesday with the girls. There are a few new artsy ones that have come out....
I almost finished the painting this morning. Want to play around with that some more, and maybe start the next one. Bit annoyed at how the mountains turned out.... but unsure of how to fix it without making a bigger mess? Ahhhh.... fun stuff though.

So, till tomorrow......

May the sun always shine on your back.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


One of my most favouritest pictures of the man in the chair.... looking beyond thoughtful. I guess it's one of those moments where you realise how truly unique NZ is, when you come out of the bush, having spent some days tramping in the bush.... and there in the middle of nowhere is an arm chair. :)
I am so looking forward to catching up with this boy. Haven't heard from him in ages... he didn't even reply to my birthday message... but I'm guessing that he's touring around Europe with his parents right now? Who knows.... but I guess I'll hear from him soon enough. He sounds confused about the Christmas plans. I don't think he really cares where we are, or for how long provided he gets time to do some serious snowboarding. I guess I'm going to have to learn pretty damn quickly, or be left in the cold.
So, time to start looking at tickets, and figuring it all out.... wohoooo! :)

Nikki rang a few times last weekend, while I wasn't around, so I had better give her a call tomorrow to catch up and see how everything is over yonder in Vancouver. Maybe she'll have some wise words for me? :) They are going to be in Calgary for Christmas... so we may have to start the trip there, and make our way to Vancouver afterwards? Imagine they will probably fly over... and I still really want to drive over the Rockies. So beautiful!

I guess this is what will get me through this year.....

"When it comes to life, the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude."

Friday, July 01, 2005

nother weekend

This has been the scene lately while I've been driving around. This week it was up north, but on the way home I drove through Lewis Pass and stoped in at Hanmer to see Greg. Rained ALOT until I got there... and then suddenly you could see all the stars. It was quite beautiful. Mde it to Hanmer just before I got too sleepy. It had been a long day, and I'm so glad that Greg lives where he does. :)

We went to a pretty cool asian place up there for dinner. He'd been out at a work do the night before and was zonked, but we still managed to stay up till quite late, yaking about everything - as we do.

The next morning I walked up Conical hill... which has awesome views of the mountains around that area. There was even some snow up there for me to play in.... and loads of ice. Almost slipped over on the way down, which would have been all exciting.
Was the perfect way to start the day.... especially after all the driving the day before. Was a super sunny day, and perfect for driving home.

No big plans for this weekend. I'm supposed to be heading over to another Greg's place for dinner... oh, and to see his new house which he's been living in since Easter. It's been that long since I last caught up with him. He claims that he's now a brilliant little chef, and so volunteered to cook dinner... I'm to bring the wine. We shall see. We made the arrangements 2 weeks ago... what are the chances that it happens? :)
Other than that... some sleep... breakfast on the hill tomorrow, and I started a painting tonight, so I guess I'll play around with that tomorrow.

Mike is off to the slopes early tomorrow... no doubt I'll get messages saying how absolutely fabulous the powder is, and how super gorgeous the day is. He's taken a week off to snowboard which just sounds too brilliant. Actually - I think he may have timed it with school holidays, which would be no good. Wonder if he thought about that one?

Anyway.... for now... adios