Saturday, July 16, 2005

home is....

where I seem to make a huge mess, and then run out the door again. :)

Got home after 7 last night.... after a mostly beautiful drive home. Lindis pass was all grand, and the sunset through Geraldine was perfect. Of course, as soon as the sun started going down, I got sleepy.

My night in Arrowtown was pretty cool. Found a very nice cosey pub to have dinner in - only because the restaurant I wanted to go to was totally full... so they pointed me in the direction of the pub where I could order from the restaurant, which was all good.
The pub; 'behind the blue door' has a great fire place, and comfy, cosey leather arm chairs that you can just fall into and while away the evening with a good local red, and book to read.
Of course, by Thursday nights on my weeks away I'm really craving company... so I sat at the bar, and chatted to the bartender. The cottage that I stayed at; shades
was very cute and cosey. It was a freezing cold night, and I ended up keeping the heater on the lowest setting all night - which is something I normally hate doing. I don't enjoy waking up to a stuffy room....
There was a pretty impressive frost the next morning.... the car frozen shut, puddles all frozen over. Just fresh and alive kinda day. The drive over the crown range was spectacular... and since I didn't have a morning meeting I just kind of cruised my way around. Arrived in Wanaka and sat by the lake to do some paper work. Blissssss.
So, today has been spent cleaning up... doing the laundry and cleaning my room, which I always seem to leave in a state. ben is supposed to be up today.... waiting for him to get here so we can go out for lunch - but haven't heard anything. I'm getting hungry too. May give up on waiting!
He's supposed to be staying tonight... figured he may want some floor space. :)

Anyway... better go hang out the last load of washing.

Till next time..... keep your toes warm.

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