Monday, July 18, 2005

rainy monday

Was a fairly sucessful day.... if you look at it from a slackers perspective. I did get my reports finished for last week, which was the main task for the day, which kind of explained why I was still so tired. Last week was pretty busy!

So... I mucked around, did laundry, wrote some emails, dreamed about kayaking in Alaska and looked at kitset homes. :) What better way to spend a rainy Monday?

Ains came home in a grump, so she's been hiding away in her room. She really struggles with her morning shifts - so good thing she's working tomorrow afternoon. :) I have to remember to take my car in for a service early tomorrow morning. They are supposed to be giving me a car to use while it's all being done - but when I made the appointment the guy seemed awfully distracted, so just hoping that all works out.

No big plans for tomorrow either. Guess I had better get organised for the following week away up North. Book places to stay, and make all the appointments. It's funny.... the weeks at home are getting busier, which is all good. Got an email from the boss today asking me to make an appointment with a "tough nut". Wasn't sure how I was meant to feel about that one right now. Meanwhile... also a note telling me to go and explore the New Worlds around here. Yipeeeee.

Oh - catching with with Jacx tomorrow.... coffee sometime. Haven't really seen her in over a week... the joys of feeling out of it when I get back. She left a huge long message filling me in on everything that happened last week... birthday's galour, and all sorts. hehe. Quite funny.
Sometimes it's just easier not to try and catch up though. Mike is beating me in the social butterfly stakes right now.... rubbed it in by sending a txt at almost 3am to say he had just gotten home. hahaha. ben and I had just stopped talking.... doesn't worry me, but in the morning, Ben wanted revenge, so we sent one to wake up Mike. :) hahaha... the child in us all.

Actually... was so good to catch up with ben this weekend! Just one of those guys that I can be around, and not have any walls up. I am who I am, and while I know that I freaked him out recently.. and I know I didn't manage to answer all his questions well, he just left it, and told me he would be here for me. It means a huge amount to me. We were going to call Gordie while he was here to try and track him down, and find out when he was coming home - but didn't get around to it. Kind of good on the timing... I'm pretty sure he'll be home after Christmas, so Ben and he will be able to hang out again. We were talking about when we met, and how long it's been since Gordie left the other day... amazing how quickly time flies... but also very cool the way we just kind of slotted into eachothers lives. Ben's declared that I'll just have to be the "canadian hangout" for all their climbing adventures. Promising... but I wonder when he'll get his butt over there to see me? No matter... we always seem to be able to just pick up where we left off when we do see eachother.

We went and saw "A good woman" on Sunday. I won ben over with the fact that Scarlet Johansen was in the movie. That should have put me off! Her acting skills were pretty dissapointing!!! Couldn't quite believe it.... in her saddest scene, I just laughed! Oscars witt did prevail through it all though.

Ahhhhh.... starting to feel more relaxed... not sure if it's the vegie stew, the apple rolley polley, or just the fact that today was easy and I had good company? Who cares!


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