Friday, July 01, 2005

nother weekend

This has been the scene lately while I've been driving around. This week it was up north, but on the way home I drove through Lewis Pass and stoped in at Hanmer to see Greg. Rained ALOT until I got there... and then suddenly you could see all the stars. It was quite beautiful. Mde it to Hanmer just before I got too sleepy. It had been a long day, and I'm so glad that Greg lives where he does. :)

We went to a pretty cool asian place up there for dinner. He'd been out at a work do the night before and was zonked, but we still managed to stay up till quite late, yaking about everything - as we do.

The next morning I walked up Conical hill... which has awesome views of the mountains around that area. There was even some snow up there for me to play in.... and loads of ice. Almost slipped over on the way down, which would have been all exciting.
Was the perfect way to start the day.... especially after all the driving the day before. Was a super sunny day, and perfect for driving home.

No big plans for this weekend. I'm supposed to be heading over to another Greg's place for dinner... oh, and to see his new house which he's been living in since Easter. It's been that long since I last caught up with him. He claims that he's now a brilliant little chef, and so volunteered to cook dinner... I'm to bring the wine. We shall see. We made the arrangements 2 weeks ago... what are the chances that it happens? :)
Other than that... some sleep... breakfast on the hill tomorrow, and I started a painting tonight, so I guess I'll play around with that tomorrow.

Mike is off to the slopes early tomorrow... no doubt I'll get messages saying how absolutely fabulous the powder is, and how super gorgeous the day is. He's taken a week off to snowboard which just sounds too brilliant. Actually - I think he may have timed it with school holidays, which would be no good. Wonder if he thought about that one?

Anyway.... for now... adios

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