Sunday, July 03, 2005


My boss arrives tomorrow morning in time for us to do a presentation at 10. EICK!
For some reason the combination of having him here, and having to do the presentation just makes my stomach flop around in the most peculiar way!

So.... the BIG question that continues to float around my head.....


No idea... but I guess I'll find something.

More importantly, I managed to go and get the car washed, and all spiffy looking - which was something that's been annoying me. Much like my room. I seem to get home, throw everything around, do all the washing that I can, and then leave again in a whirlwind. Sounds ever so romantic (HA!) but in actual fact, I will go crazy if by the end of this week my room does not improve drastically. Like I want to actually be able to curl up on my window seat with my new book and read to my hearts content while basking in the sunlight - otherwise, what is the point of having this gorgeous window seat!

No big plans for this week, although thinking a movie on Tuesday with the girls. There are a few new artsy ones that have come out....
I almost finished the painting this morning. Want to play around with that some more, and maybe start the next one. Bit annoyed at how the mountains turned out.... but unsure of how to fix it without making a bigger mess? Ahhhh.... fun stuff though.

So, till tomorrow......

May the sun always shine on your back.

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