Tuesday, July 19, 2005

spring clean?

Was quite the productive day, perhaps just in comparison to yesterday? Took the car in for a service early this morning, and was given a rather nice brand new pulsar to drive around for the morning. Of course... didn't actually go very far in it. :) Did meet Jacx for a coffee, which was all good. Actually, it's going to be a silly social week again. Meeting Candïce for breakfast tomorrow, lunch with Greg on Thursday, breakfast with Rae on Friday, and then out to get my haircut and catch up with Victoria. Whew....

Started to go through things today.... after talking to mum about flights home in August - figure I had probably better start to think about things that I may want to leave at home? Quite a thought, really. What to do with everything when I've gone? Do I just get rid of it all? Or do I store things away? Crazy thought! Started to just go through paper... amazing how it just gathers....So... got the fire going, and burnt old letters, even valentines. hehehe. Funny to find things like that. :) Feels good to have a clean out though. I think there are really only a few things that I'll take up to Mum and Dad that I would like to keep - in fact, may even have shipped over to Canada at a later stage?

Found an old Canadian friend online tonight... and had a very quick chat. He's now living in Japan, having got married 6 months ago to a Japaness girl. Loving it over there... now teaching english. He thought I should think about living in Victoria, which is where he is from. It's another place that has crossed my mind... and almost appeals more than Vancouver. More research required I guess. I'm relieved that this is all still feeling so comfortable now. That I can start the whole process and have that thing to look forward to. Now, just need to get ahold of Nig and sort out where and when we'll be meeting up! He was supposed to be calling last weekend - but didn't hear anything. Maybe this weekend? Was thinking about going out to Akaroa to stay with Jimbo and Kym on Friday night. Haven't really caught up with them in ages! In fact, have yet to see their place over there... and if the weather stays like this... will be perfect to be holed up in front of the fire playing board games.

Right... need to go find my bed. Somewhere under everything....


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