Monday, July 25, 2005


My computer blew up!

Last wednesday I came home after running round all morning, turned on my trustly PC to have it suddenly start beeping at me. What kind of beep you ask? Only fair since it was the question I was asked by everyone that I told: It was a constant, same pitch, no change in rhythm.... makes it sound like a musical instrument... what it was was a HUGE pain in the butt!I'm now trying to do this one my poor, old laptop, which, while still working, which is a step up from my other computer... just won't cut the mustard! :) It will be another 7 days before I'm likely to even hear what is wrong with my computer, up to 5 weeks before I may return fixed. So.... this may be it for a while. As much as it drives me nuts, the speed of the turtle is too much for me to take. lol. So.... till next time folks, I'll leave you with the thought that I'm a n internet junkie minus my fix. Imagine what I'll be like when I get my computer back! :) YAY! Bring it on! Oh.... and I've looked at laptops, and wondered... but keep seeing a Canadian plane ticket is going to have to come first. This is just character building before I get there. And for miss Tab; we need to catch up. Vancouver has won! Come Feb next year, you should have a list of fab cafes, theatres, and any other spots you can think of for us to go and explore! Watch out Vancouver... it's bound to be madness. Maybe you could keep your ears peeled for anyone looking for a flatmate? Exciting stuff!


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TaB said...

Im a bit like BA, I might be late, but I always get there :)

Computers, extensions of our madness hehe, insane things I tell you, im not half as bright as I seem to be, mine fuel my anger like no man ever did.

Im really looking forward to all the fun here yep, flatmates, you always have a place in my home :) rent free, just provide me with sunny smiles and the occasional hug and im paid in full.