Sunday, August 14, 2005

a little nuts

actually.... that's a complete lie. I was more than a little nuts over the weekend.

I still haven't got my computer back, which is driving me crazy.... this poor little laptop of mine just can't cope with being online, and writing is such a slow long process. Shouldn't complain, because it is still better than nothing! :)

So... this weekend you might think that I would think about a new computer, which has gone through my head a few times, but instead... it was a new camera that grabbed my attention! I've been wiaiting for ever to get one, and it took much to decide whether I would go for a digital or get a trusty old 35mm? I ended up going for a nice Nikon SLR, which I've had fun playing with today. Went up the hill yesterday to try and catch a sunset. Today it was off to the beach, which wasn't exceptional stuff, but got one of a couple of kids that I do like.
So - will have to wait for the computer to come back, and then I can get them up and on here! :)

That's it from me.... hope everyone is well. I'll hopefully be back up this week?! Heading to the farm on Friday to meet my nephew, and play with the horses. I've been promised a ride on Tui. Can't wait!! :)

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