Friday, August 19, 2005


Just got home to the farm.... ahhhhhh, the smell of the green grass, the dog, the meowing cats, the bleeting goats, and the galloping horses.....followed by manic sneezing! :)
Loving it..... plus the belly shaking laughter from hanging out with my crazy brothers, sisters-in law, and parents. It is such a funny family to be part of, and one that seems to be growing at a rapid rate. Mind you, I'm also the only single one amongst the lot! :) Joys!

So.... will try and get some pics up here while I have a computer to use. Crazy trying to catch up on emails - so just not going to try.... 6thousand sitting there waiting for my attention. hahahahaha. I don't think so.

very quickly before I crash..... most important thing.... my nephew is so super cute, and well behaved with the cutest smile and laugh.....

Life is good!

Be blessed.

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