Saturday, February 26, 2005


the car transition.......

no problems... in fact, quite enjoying the whole ziping around in the little red beast.
She's been christened "Molly" . Suits her perfectly. Short and sweet.... and just cool! lol

Who gets so attached to a car???

besides me?

Will have to get a pic taken quickly and put up. You guys will just laugh at me!

So first adventure in Molly will be over Easter... cruising down to the Milford Sound to go hang out with Ben on the Hollyford track.
Can't wait! Not about to miss out on the opportunity to do this before Ben finishes his job. Who knows if he'll do it again next year?
So... tripping down there. It was either that, or kayaking the Abel Tasman again. Figure Mike would enjoy doing that when he gets back.... though what the weather would be like to do that in July??? I guess it also depends on jobs, and whether I have my ticket for Canada?!

Will have to go check out flights, and get something booked.

Righty ho.....

Coffee time waits. :)

Hope everyone is having sunny side up days.

Friday, February 25, 2005


TOday is car day!!! hahahaha.... who would get so excited about a car, huh?!

I haven't had a car of my own since before Christmas.... which is super surprising - because looking back, I haven't been without a car in pretty much that whole time. Talk about SO BLESSED!!

Need to dash out and get owners papers sorted, and then zoom to work, I guess. uhg.
I was actually thinking about the whole idea of doing some volunteer work. Haven't done anything in ages. Just wondering if there would be a way for me to drop my days to 4, and have a day to do something else. Either Fridays or Mondays. Was actually thinking about the idea of doing some youth work. I don't know how, or where.... but it's been too long, and I get the feeling that I'm being too inward focused. This life is not about me!

We shall see.... it's a weekend of catch up, I think. Need to get some letters done, and figure out my flights for the next wedding.... and figure out a way to Canada at the end of the year.
Nig and I are meeting in Canada for a white Christmas. YAY! :) Would love to meet Tab while I'm over there - and who knows, by then it might be right for me to just stay on and live there? Life is ever unpredicatable.

"He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much." Bessie Anderson Stanley.

Monday, February 21, 2005

a teaspoon of madness....

It's actually more like a Tablespoon, but oh well.

So, silly me was complaining about last week being abit too quiet.... not enough stress to keep me busy throughout the days.
I should always know better than to utter such words, and so flipantly too.
Today has just been insane, as far as work goes. It's going to be a very interesting week, to say the least.
Aside from work, and the madness festering away, there just seems to be much going on in my head to boot.

The flat is still fantastic. Catherine and I went for a great walk tonight when I got home from work. Was quite funny really, cause my big thought while I was driving was that I so wanted to just walk. I was really thinking that I'd grab the trusty walkman, and just listen and meander away. BUT, I got home to Catherine saying - I don't supposed I could possibly convince you to come for a walk with me? hahaha... how perfect is that?! I'd mostly always rather go for a walk with someone than on my own.... mostly!
So... we walked, and talked, and just caught up on everything that was going on for her.
Life is throwing some curve balls her way, and she's got alot to figure out. Funny how the sermon on Sunday was about the tests that come our way, and how God wants to challenge us, and grow us..... and these things won't just go away.
I'm always reminded of James.....

" consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, beacuse you know that the testing of your faith develops perserverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything."

stuck on italics now.... that'll teach me! lol

So, while I have the magnet on my fridge saying

"you can only be young once, but you can stay immature indefinately"

I would quite like to grow up in my faith..... to choose to hand over the things that I struggle with, and grow up.

Anyway.... food is smelling good out there. Fresh pasta and yummy salad. Life is good.

flatmates are awesome! :)


Saturday, February 19, 2005

Side note

I can't figure out why my posts blurb stuff never changes.... you know that dinky thing that tells you how many posts you've made, and how many words.... it never changes!!!!

What's Up With That??? Kind of gutting... it seems to be stuck back in Novemeber... and while I can often be melancholic, not quite to that extent. What happened in November that would keep me there?

No idea?

Any ideas.... fire them my way.... please

frisky weekend....

Started the weekend the best way imagineable for me..... up the hill drinking a mocha! Beautiful still, sunny day, with views to the alps..... total bliss.

I've got a craving to get out of the city and go play around in Hills.... but don't really feel like being alone - and don't have the right people around to play with. I'm so picky!

I had called a friend who lives out in Hanmer to see if he might be free this weekend... it's been a year since I last saw him, and he's bought a house up there since then.... anyway, he was heading off with his girlfriend, so no luck there. Such is life.

Should wait till I have my car anyway before I start taking off tiki-touring. Might see if I can head down and see Benny next month? Easter would be pretty cool! Especially since it's my birthday that week. Might see about taking another day off and have a nice long weekend. Either that, or head up to Wellington?

Hmmmmmmm... .plans!

No ideal job yet...... lol. Not quite sure what I'm expecting to hit me in the head.... but meanwhile, things are ever changing at work, and I don't know what to do?!

Righty ho..... after spending an hour in the garden and being covered in scratches.... time to go and explore the Super Shed.... not sure what I'm looking for, but you never know what treasures are there waiting to be found! It's such a bizzare place! hehehehe

Paper and job hunting to follow this afternoon.....

bliss.... me

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I bought a car!!!

yes... it was a rather busy, but productive weekend! I don't get the car until next week, but still - excited, as most of you could imagine.

I'll have to get pics of the house and car to put up here soon.... slacker that I am right now. Other things are just a little more vital. Job hunt here we come, and I've decided to go and sort out some papers at uni, and get the teaching degree out of the way once and for all. yay! I'm not convinced about the teaching thing - ever.... but will be nice to have that out of the way.

What else... before I go crash....

oh - of course.... the big Valentines day flew by..... would you believe no cards?! hehehe
I had hoped for a big bunch of flowers to arrive to my office.... but they must have been sent to the wrong address - perhaps the wrong branch? I was however taken out for dinner. Yeah.... in the sleepy state that I was in, headed off to Two Fat Indians for some super yummy fare. :) It was all good!

Too many late nights though.... Jackie and I headed off to the movies tonight to see "Sideways". Some great, belly laughing moments. All good. She needed some cheering up - and I'm always looking for a laugh.

So... late home, late to bed - again.
Life keeps going.

Hope the sun is shinning between everyones toes.....
Ka kite

Sunday, February 13, 2005


So, I'm now officially settled into the new abode!

Had Eugenie and Tim around for dinner last night. Was so nice to catch up with them both, and just have fun!
Jackie stayed, which was great - adding to the perfect evening by baking a super scrummy flan. I guess it just made the house official, and something to me! I've longed to have that house where people can come and just relax and be. At the same time - I don't have any expectations, which is quite bizzare for me. :)
I guess that makes it totally me. Something that will always be there, and be apart of the home that I will have.

We even got into the boardgame sessions. hehehe. They are just two beautiful people. I feel quite previlaged to have them in my life.
(joy just overflows.....)

Call me queen of corny right now?! hahaha

My room is looking way better... only one box left really, and I think it's pretty much done. Sure I kind of crammed some stuff in drawers, and I need to look at one of the cupboards - but at least the floor is all mine. :) I'm loving it!

Yesterday I became "HANDY WOMAN"! Yes..... not only can I do one hundred and one handy things around the house, but I can now add to that, fixing washing machines!
I did have some help - of course...... Tony came round and helped the first time... turns out we didn't attach a hose quite right. lol. WATER EVERYWHERE!!!
So... pulled it all out again to pull apart. Was super thrilled when the machine worked for me yesterday. Has probably had the shock of its life, being used constantly since. A couple of weeks of being here, and not having a machine - I was doing all my washing by hand, which doesn't excite. hehe.

Also went out and bought a hammer yesterday. YAY!
Just so I could get the pictures up on the wall. Still need to find somewhere for the mirror. BUT... feeling better about the house being a home now.

Car hunt may have all come to an end now. An english boy is leaving the country in a week.... so looking at buying his beloved beast. :) I haven't actually seen it yet.... but Chris and Tony went and saw it, and took it for a spin yesterday. I just had to organise the escapade. Very cool. And such blessings! I still have Kym's car right now. Was actually wondering if they would want it back today? hmmmmmmmmm. They still have a week of house sitting I think... but still... feel bad that I still have their car, and I haven't even spoken to them all week.

How does one person end up being so blessed?????

And I question where God is???? What a ninny.

Job hunt is on.... cv mostly finished. Have people willing to be my referees..... so cute having people that I do work for saying they would be willing to do that for me. Blows my mind.

I'm still bummed about briscoes and their lack of vision and support in the role. But have to move on from that one. It's been an experience, and as Shane and I often say - lessons on how to NEVER run a company!!
He had a job interview on Friday.... but haven't heard how it all went. Was flying around the last project - last minute madness!

Right.... time toget ready for church.

"Be joyful always; pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Monday, February 07, 2005

past it....

Very tired, though today was all good. Flew around like a mad thing, had more blonde moments than I'd care to share on here, and made it home to look at a car.

Yeah - life is never, ever dull... and I sometimes wonder what it would be like to sit down and just honestly, truly feel and be BORED!

I was challenged to go and hide away from the world... be still... and know that God is there. To actually make time to listen to what he's saying.
I know that I fill up my days like a mad thing - though this weekend was pretty relaxing, and quiet, it was still kind of filled with people.
Odd the way that happens.
So... this weekend, time for some retreating of sorts. I know I need to have some space and time to think about what I want out of this year, and especially as far as the whole job situation.
Realising that God has a plan, and it's all good... I still need to be able to run in the right direction. Right now, I'm feeling a little lost and perhaps lonely. Which is so funny considering my current - I can't get away from people.
You know the situations where you are surrounded, and more lonely than ever?!
Kind of like that.... but dealing with it all.

feelings running rampant. life feeling stagnant.

better go grab some zzzzzzzzzs

Sunday, February 06, 2005


just to clarify... nothing has changed, and yes, I'm just as confused and bemused as ever.

Life sure does throw some curve balls around.

I've gotta run off... but will try and jump on tomorrow night. Work should shed some more light on it all.

Happy weekends people!

settling in....

So.... after the Shawn concert down here, and zooming up to Parachute in Hamilton, and then driving down to Wellington, catching our flight to Christchurch and moving the next day.... figuring out that the phone wiring in my new bedroom is all screwy....
I've finally got my computer up and running again....


Actually, I'm supposed to be at church right now for band, but joys... I've had horrible stomach cramps the last few days. Worse than normal - or just ones that I can't get rid of with the help of anti-flams. ARHG! So.... after being curled up in bed, I figure I can try to sit here for a little while, and then curl up again. If only I could find my hot water bottle!!!

Moving right along.

Hoping that this month with be quieter. I don't honestly know what my chances are? hehe. Still... can live in hope.
I've actually been given the challenge and I guess you could say 'support' to find a job by the end of the month. HAHA! Yes, Shane and I are both over our jobs, and so.... it's been decided that the hunt is on, and come the end of Feb, we will be celebrating! There wasn't really anything that jumped out and grabbed me in yesterdays paper, but checking out web sites, and about to stick the resume on the web to see if I can get any bites.
I'm trying to convince him to move on down here.... and yes, the idea of starting up a company is still playing around in our heads. Would be scary, but exciting. Shall see.

The new house is brilliant. Have just been hassled for not having any pics done yet. Will get onto that one when I can. My room still isn't completely unpacked, but it's looking a whole lot better now. Had one night of furious unpacking and re-organising. YAY... there are places to put things, which is awesome! And space to play. And NEW carpet too..... how good does that feel under my bare feet! I love the bouncy feeling..... made for loud music and crazy dancing. :o)

The kitchen is mostly all done.. need to go and pick up a few things to make it truly organised, but they can wait a few days.
Have had a spot of chaos with the washing machine, which still has my washing inside it. Yes.... the joy of front loaders!! It's been in there since Wed.... and the guys can't make it out to fix it before tomorrow, maybe Tuesday. Tony to the rescue? hehe
He's so funny about wanting to fix things, and just make life easier. A blessing! For sure.

that will have to do for the moment.... I'm sure I'll feel more upto prattling later today.....
still need to figure out the whole internet situation here.... adsl and everything! hahaha....

I've missed the world though......

tons of Aroha!