Saturday, February 26, 2005


the car transition.......

no problems... in fact, quite enjoying the whole ziping around in the little red beast.
She's been christened "Molly" . Suits her perfectly. Short and sweet.... and just cool! lol

Who gets so attached to a car???

besides me?

Will have to get a pic taken quickly and put up. You guys will just laugh at me!

So first adventure in Molly will be over Easter... cruising down to the Milford Sound to go hang out with Ben on the Hollyford track.
Can't wait! Not about to miss out on the opportunity to do this before Ben finishes his job. Who knows if he'll do it again next year?
So... tripping down there. It was either that, or kayaking the Abel Tasman again. Figure Mike would enjoy doing that when he gets back.... though what the weather would be like to do that in July??? I guess it also depends on jobs, and whether I have my ticket for Canada?!

Will have to go check out flights, and get something booked.

Righty ho.....

Coffee time waits. :)

Hope everyone is having sunny side up days.

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