Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I bought a car!!!

yes... it was a rather busy, but productive weekend! I don't get the car until next week, but still - excited, as most of you could imagine.

I'll have to get pics of the house and car to put up here soon.... slacker that I am right now. Other things are just a little more vital. Job hunt here we come, and I've decided to go and sort out some papers at uni, and get the teaching degree out of the way once and for all. yay! I'm not convinced about the teaching thing - ever.... but will be nice to have that out of the way.

What else... before I go crash....

oh - of course.... the big Valentines day flew by..... would you believe no cards?! hehehe
I had hoped for a big bunch of flowers to arrive to my office.... but they must have been sent to the wrong address - perhaps the wrong branch? I was however taken out for dinner. Yeah.... in the sleepy state that I was in, headed off to Two Fat Indians for some super yummy fare. :) It was all good!

Too many late nights though.... Jackie and I headed off to the movies tonight to see "Sideways". Some great, belly laughing moments. All good. She needed some cheering up - and I'm always looking for a laugh.

So... late home, late to bed - again.
Life keeps going.

Hope the sun is shinning between everyones toes.....
Ka kite

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