Sunday, February 13, 2005


So, I'm now officially settled into the new abode!

Had Eugenie and Tim around for dinner last night. Was so nice to catch up with them both, and just have fun!
Jackie stayed, which was great - adding to the perfect evening by baking a super scrummy flan. I guess it just made the house official, and something to me! I've longed to have that house where people can come and just relax and be. At the same time - I don't have any expectations, which is quite bizzare for me. :)
I guess that makes it totally me. Something that will always be there, and be apart of the home that I will have.

We even got into the boardgame sessions. hehehe. They are just two beautiful people. I feel quite previlaged to have them in my life.
(joy just overflows.....)

Call me queen of corny right now?! hahaha

My room is looking way better... only one box left really, and I think it's pretty much done. Sure I kind of crammed some stuff in drawers, and I need to look at one of the cupboards - but at least the floor is all mine. :) I'm loving it!

Yesterday I became "HANDY WOMAN"! Yes..... not only can I do one hundred and one handy things around the house, but I can now add to that, fixing washing machines!
I did have some help - of course...... Tony came round and helped the first time... turns out we didn't attach a hose quite right. lol. WATER EVERYWHERE!!!
So... pulled it all out again to pull apart. Was super thrilled when the machine worked for me yesterday. Has probably had the shock of its life, being used constantly since. A couple of weeks of being here, and not having a machine - I was doing all my washing by hand, which doesn't excite. hehe.

Also went out and bought a hammer yesterday. YAY!
Just so I could get the pictures up on the wall. Still need to find somewhere for the mirror. BUT... feeling better about the house being a home now.

Car hunt may have all come to an end now. An english boy is leaving the country in a week.... so looking at buying his beloved beast. :) I haven't actually seen it yet.... but Chris and Tony went and saw it, and took it for a spin yesterday. I just had to organise the escapade. Very cool. And such blessings! I still have Kym's car right now. Was actually wondering if they would want it back today? hmmmmmmmmm. They still have a week of house sitting I think... but still... feel bad that I still have their car, and I haven't even spoken to them all week.

How does one person end up being so blessed?????

And I question where God is???? What a ninny.

Job hunt is on.... cv mostly finished. Have people willing to be my referees..... so cute having people that I do work for saying they would be willing to do that for me. Blows my mind.

I'm still bummed about briscoes and their lack of vision and support in the role. But have to move on from that one. It's been an experience, and as Shane and I often say - lessons on how to NEVER run a company!!
He had a job interview on Friday.... but haven't heard how it all went. Was flying around the last project - last minute madness!

Right.... time toget ready for church.

"Be joyful always; pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

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