Sunday, March 06, 2005


So... life is back to manic I guess in so many ways.

Crazy winds today.... the kind that really do turn the people of christchurch into utter nutters! Seriously. It is still pretty humid and hot, and just makes for a night of tossing and turning. I was so sleepy earlier tonight, and now.... after playing for abit I'm back to being wide awake.

Kind of worse cause I finished my book. hahaha
Need to find something else to curl up with.

No exciting news from the weekend to report. Not enough sleep, but that's mostly due to the all nighter pulled off on Friday night. Woke up just after 11 and couldn't get back to sleep. Ended up getting up and sending off a couple of job applications. Hopefully they all made perfect sense in my sleep deprived state?!
We shall see. It's actually kind of exciting to think about the possibilities. I'm so looking forward to getting out of my job now. Will be good to say GOODBYE, and move on with all that is out there waiting. YEAH!!!

My flatmate Jackie has just returned from church. Went to go see the "Heavenly Man" Brother Yun, who honestly has the most amazing testimony! If you want a good book to read - go grab that one!!
I say that, and I'm only up to Page 30. hehe. (What was I saying about not having a book before?)
Jackie is just in awe, and totally pumping about what was said, and just the whole faith moving story that came with the night.
I had a prayer meeting here for the Life FM people.... so couldn't go.... but still so cool to hear about it afterwards!

It's actually been a pretty amazing GOD day. Lots of little things happening, that would see so out of the ordinary for so many people - but I look and just see God's hand. I don't know where to start on that one. He's challenging me, and just bringing some amazing people across my path.
I guess the whole sitting up the other night made me do some thinking, and just got me on my knees with some things. I've been doing "nothing" about my situation for so long... and while the amble hasn't been all bad - it's like - WHAT AM I WANTING TO DO????
And why am I not just getting out there and getting into it?

I'm prattling here.... too many thoughts.... too many places I could start, and no idea how to get it all down.
Makes no sense, I know.

Talked to Nigel last night. Both keen for the Canada thing - but guess it depends on what we're both doing. He's looking at going to Malaysia for a while to teach, after doing more travelling - heading to South America for some volunteer work, some time in Africa, tripping around Europe with his parents and sister.... so Canada may not be on the cards.... but would certainly like it to happen!

Of course I need the new job to make it a reality!!

Big question for the day.....

If your income increases:

Do your living expensses increase - or does your giving??

I do have so much..... blessed in abundance.

Anyway.... it has been all good.....

I'd better go do some reading for this assignment which is due in a couple of weeks. Yay. Still need to sort out T.Coll as well. I may still be able to get some papers done this semester - since they are on section now. YAY! Will have to get an email away tomorrow.
Finally got the papers on Friday though. Would be so good to get that finished. And who knows... maybe I'll head over to England to teach for a while????


bed sounds like a better idea right now.

But first - other thoughts.... loving this one.

" Now unto Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all you ask or think according to His mighty power that works in us".
Ephesians 3:20

The power of the Almighty, Omnipotent God is in your by Faith. Why, then, do you find yourself settling for a humdrum life if the power of God resides in you?
It's because you have allowed the false limitations on life into your mind and mouth. If you can't fathom abundance in your life, you won't believe that God has the power to provide abundantly for you. Your small thinking will prevent the power of God from working in your life.
We as Christians, think too small.
Wouldn't it be if you were the first person in the entire world whom God rebuked and disciplined for being audacious in your requests to Him? Can you hear God saying "Well you presumtuous thing, you! ou want too much; you believe for too much; you think too big. Who do you think you are?"
That won't happen. Read your Bible. Jesus'admonitions sounded more like this: "You little, shallow-minded, pitiful people. I am amazed that you don't have any faith. You don't have any boldness, and you won't ask of me great things." Some of your are making God angry, and it's not because of some deep, dark sin. It's because you don't believe in God's infinite capacity to bring about greatness into your life.

Taken from Live Full Die Enpty by Rick Godwin. Awesome book!! and guess what - I'm guilty of the above!!!
Time to get an attitude check.

peace out

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