Thursday, March 31, 2005

long time... no see.....

I don't think there is any sane way for me to catch up.... especially when it's getting later here, and I have another huge day tomorrow - YAY for Friday though!

Easter.... what a fantastic weekend! It was supposed to be spent a little differently, but everything always has a way of working out for the best.

I ended up shopping on Saturday - which for me is quite an odd and very infrequent event in my life. But Jackie and I had a mission on our hands, and so we set out with great gusto! Of course breakfast up on the hill was first on our list of things to do.
From there it was into town... and the madness. You'd think that a day without any shops being open would have little effect on the people in the big metropolis of Christchurch, however... it would seem that one day is just sends everyone into shopping mode in a huge way. So, we trampled up and down the streets looking for bargins.

I found some spunky shoes. Yeah - truly spunky!! :) OK... so they are sneakers, and so practical that any of my girly friends would be dissapointed in me.... but I love them!!
Also went and grabbed a book on Tramps in the South Island... (Hikes for all you North Americans out there). So, time to get totally motivated, and get out there. Why would I start trying to motivate myself when it would seem that winter has begun to settle in? Insane!

I think that was it for mad purchases - oh... besides the awesome winter sheets. So snuggled up and warm now with my winter duvet and sheets on! :) It's the simple things that keep me happy.

Sunday I cruised out to Hanmer Springs. It was the first big drive for Molly. YAY!!! Took off after church, and had arranged to meet up with some friends at the hot pools. The trip started in a rather bizzare way, and slightly blonder moment, where I completely forgot which way to go to get to Hanmer. This was quickly rectified, and I was on my way with the music blaring. It was bliss to be on the open road!
Got up to Hanmer with some pretty miserable drizzle going on... and discovered that ever man and their dog had the same idea as me this weekend. OK - so it was Easter weekend... what was I expecting?!
Stood in line to get into the hot pools, and just ahhhhhhh... soaked in everything around me. It was gorgeous!
Of course I had no idea how I was going to find anyone there, and had pretty much resigned myself to believing the day would be spent by myself, which wasn't all bad in my books.

Eventually I did find the others. They didn't get up there till much later. So splashed around with them for a while.

After leaving the hot pools I headed off in search of a friends house. Greg bought a house up there about a year ago, and I hadn't even seen it yet! Couldn't even say I was heading over to see his new house any more! Quite sad.
It's a very cool little place, with a great fire that was blazzing away. Perfect little place to run away to in the weekends. I did warn him that I would be visiting. Perfect - now I have someone to visit in the mountains, and Jimbo and Kym at the beach! :) Life is good!

Drove home after a coffee and catch up, and slept pretty soundly that night.... Monday....woke up bright and early, to a gorgeous sunrise, so I jumped out of bed, and went and climbed the hill. I had thought I would get to the top and have a coffee... but I didn't feel like one... so kept going. It was stunning. A really crisp and super clear morning. I would probably be far more inspired to do those early morning jaunts if it was cloudy.
We'll see... maybe I'll do it again this weekend.

So - the weekend of catching up with ben didn't happen.... and while I was so looking forward to hanging out with him, it will have to wait for a couple of weeks, once he's finished his job for the season. Who knows what he's going to get upto over the next 6 months? He said something about Turkey.

OH... other news... flatmate Catherine came home tonight with a super sparkly diamond ring! Yes... the bLING she has been after is on her finger. Aparently everyone in the cafe even missed seeing Brendon down on his knees in full proposal. Totally funny!
They are both super excited about the up and coming wedding.... in June!
So... shall be looking for a new flatmate shortlly...... know of anyone?

That's it... bed waits!

Be well... xx

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