Tuesday, April 05, 2005

finding out....

Bundle of thoughts.... romping around in my head.

Went for a walk with Raewyn tonight. Managed to find ourselves amongst a huge number of police - huge for this part of Christchurch anyway. Aparently a house was pulled down today, and amongst the rubble they found a hand grinade. Just what you expect to stumble across in your house remains. So, the army bomb squad were on their way out to dispose of it? kinda funny... having a whole block closed off. The buses were having some problems.

I have a job interview tomorrow..... nerves hitting? Along with a migrain. Spent this morning in my office trying to convince myself not to be sick. Absolutely awful stuff! I went down stairs at one stage, and honestly - best way to describe it - someone had shot me in the head, and I couldn't stop myself from crying it hurt so much.
It eventually went away - while I was dealing with a client.... must have had me thinking too much? and I killed it?! Who knows.... unfortunately I can feel it just dwindling behind my eye again now. Need to get more sleep to fix it before tomorrow.

Bizzare stuff... really.

So, maybe tomorrow I'll have some good news. Just found out today that they are actually hiring people for this job to do the lower and upper North Island too, and there is apart of me that wants to jump at the opportunity to move up to Wellington. hahahaha... part of my that would like to stay - but adventure calls, along with a change of scene. Would Mike go mad having me around. Shane has already told me he would freak out and be convinced that I was a stalker. ohhhhhhhh... nutter!
BUT - could imagine the three of us figuring out the company thing... which Mike has been encouraging me about!
I so want to give it ago. But can't do it down here easily.


Aiming high, and thinking about brilliance..... opportunity!


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